Dhaka to Beijing Cheap Return Ticket Price by China Eastern Airlines

Fly with China Eastern Airlines and get cheap round trip flight tickets for travelling from Dhaka to Beijing.

China Eastern Office in Dhaka

Dhaka to Beijing Air Ticket by China Eastern Airlines


Contact for Buying Air Tickets

1/1, Shukrabad, Mirpur Road, Dhaka
(Beside New Model Degree College)
Mobile: 01841-289170


Economy Class
USD 250.00 Z
USD 300.00 Z
USD 330.00 V
USD 350.00 S
USD 371.00 Z
USD 400.00 R
USD 421.00 S
USD 450.00 N
USD 471.00 R
USD 500.00 L
USD 521.00 N
USD 571.00 L
USD 600.00 K
USD 671.00 K
USD 780.00 H
USD 941.00 I
USD 980.00 E
USD 1040.00 D
USD 1121.00 M
USD 1321.00 B
USD 1331.00 D
USD 1441.00 D
USD 1495.00 Y


Business Class
USD 1536.00 C
USD 1880.00 J
USD 1900.00 B
USD 2061.00 P
USD 2732.00 F
USD 3050.00 J
USD 3813.00 J


Buy China Eastern Airlines cheap tickets and fly from Dhaka to Beijing, China.


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