Dhaka to Delhi Air Ticket Price and Flight Schedule

Dhaka to Delhi Air Ticket Price

Dhaka to Delhi Air Ticket Price starts at Tk 10,200 for base-level economy class tickets. However, prices vary based on the booking date, route, flight availability, and additional services. Today’s post delves into the Dhaka to Delhi air ticket price and flight schedule. Air travel is one of the most efficient ways to journey from Dhaka to Delhi, allowing you to reach your destination quickly. Delhi is a top-rated destination for travelers, attracting numerous visitors from Dhaka annually. Given the frequency and importance of this route, it’s crucial to have a detailed understanding of several key aspects before embarking on your air travel. Hence, today’s entire post is dedicated to addressing these essential topics.

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Dhaka to Delhi Air Ticket Price

AirlinesTicket TypeEconomyPremium EconomyBusiness
SpiceJetOne Way – ReturnBDT 10,200 – BDT 18,454No Available InfoNo Available Info
Air VistaraOne Way – ReturnBDT 15,332 – BDT 32,282BDT 25,225 – Not AvailableBDT 25,218 – BDT 38,361
IndiGoOne Way – ReturnBDT 18,885 – BDT 35,365Not Available – Not AvailableNot Available – Not Available
Biman Bangladesh AirlinesOne Way – ReturnBDT 168,112 – BDT 184,953Not Available – Not AvailableNot Available – Not Available
Srilankan AirlinesOne Way – ReturnBDT 82,594 – BDT 112,351BDT 82,594 – BDT 112,351Not Available – BDT 129,874
FlydubaiOne Way – ReturnBDT 120,607 – BDT 43,011Not Available – Not AvailableNot Available – Not Available

The cost of flights from Dhaka to Delhi varies based on the airline and class of service. Here are some key points:

  • Lowest Price: BDT 10,200 (SpiceJet – One Way – Return)
  • Average Price: BDT 18,885 (IndiGo – One Way – Return)
  • Highest Price: BDT 168,112 (Biman Bangladesh Airlines – One Way – Return)

Dhaka to Delhi Flight Schedule

First, we will know something about Dhaka to Delhi Flight Information. By doing this you will get a brief idea about your travels. After learning the Flyghor information, we will learn about Annanna’s information step by step.

AirlinesDeparture-ArrivalTransitDurationBaggagePrice Starts at
SpiceJet10:50 to 12:50Non-Stop2h 30min7kg+20kgBDT 10200
15:45 to 00:25Kolkata9h 10m7kg+20kg
13:20 to 00:25Kolkata11h 35m7kg+20kg
Air Vistara10:30 to 12:25Non-Stop2h 25min7kg+20kgBDT 15332
IndiGo16:45 to 19:10Non-Stop2h 55min7kg+20kgBDT 18885
16:05 to 11:50Chennai – 14h 25m interval20h 15m7kg+20kg
16:35 to 22:55Kolkata – 3h 10m interval6h 50m7kg+20kg
16:05 to 09:25Chennai – 12h 00m interval17h 50m7kg+20kg
Biman Bangladesh Airlines10:10 to 17:20Kathmandu – 4h 15m interval7h 40m7kg+20kgBDT 168112
Srilankan Airlines10:45 to 09:05Colombo- 15h 50m interval22h 50m7kg+30kgBDT 37818
10:45 to 12:55Colombo- 3h 40m, Mumbai- 2h 45m interval14h 40m7kg+30kg
Flydubai21:20 to 19:00Dubai- 13h 15m interval22h 10m7kg Cabin bag OnlyBDT 120607
21:20 to 08:50Dubai- 03h 15m interval12h 00m7kg Cabin bag Only
Turkish Airlines06:55 to 05:25Istanbul- 07h 55m interval23h 00m7kg+30kgBDT 81452
Saudia Airlines12:35 to 18:25Jeddah- 17h 40m interval30h 20m7kg+23kgBDT 81871
23:20 to 18:25Jeddah- 06h 55m interval7kg+23kg
Qatar Airways03:50 to 20:15Doha- 07h 25m interval16h 55mInformation not availableBDT 122901

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Dhaka to Delhi Air Ticket Price
Dhaka to Delhi Air Ticket Price

How To Book Tickets From Dhaka To Dheli

There are several ways to book a flight ticket from Dhaka (DAC) to Delhi (DEL):

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs):

  • This is a popular option as OTAs often aggregate flights from various airlines, allowing you to compare prices and find the best deal. Some popular OTAs include:
  • These websites offer a user-friendly interface for searching flights and filtering options based on price, airlines, travel time, layovers, etc. They often have deals and discounts you can take advantage of.

Airline Websites:

  • You can visit the website of the specific airline you’d like to fly with (e.g., Biman Bangladesh Airlines, SpiceJet, Air India) and book your ticket directly.
  • This might be useful if you have a preferred airline or want to take advantage of any frequent flyer miles you might have.

Travel Agent:

  • A travel agent can help you search for flights and book your ticket, especially if you prefer a more personalized service or have complex travel needs.

Here’s a general guideline for booking your ticket:

  1. Choose your travel dates: Decide when you want to fly from Dhaka to Delhi.
  2. Select your preferred airline (optional): If you have a preferred airline, you can choose it during your search.
  3. Compare prices: Use an OTA or visit individual airline websites to compare prices and flight options (direct vs. layovers, travel time, etc.).
  4. Book your ticket: Once you’ve found the best deal, proceed with booking your ticket. You’ll typically need to provide your passenger information, passport details, and payment information.
  5. Review and confirm: Carefully review your booking details (dates, times, airline, passenger information) before confirming the booking.

Information About Dhaka

Dhaka is the bustling capital and largest city of Bangladesh. This megacity is a center for culture, economics, and education in South Asia. Nicknamed the “City of Rickshaws” for its prevalent three-wheeled taxis, Dhaka boasts a rich history dating back to the 1st millennium. Explore Mughal-era mosques and palaces alongside the modern architectural marvel, the National Parliament House.

Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport Address, Contact Information

Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport
Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport


  • Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport
  • Kurmitola
  • Dhaka-1229
  • Bangladesh

Additional Information:

  • IATA Code: DAC
  • ICAO Code: VGHS
  • Location: 17 km (11 mi) north of the city center
  • Terminals: 2 (Terminal 1 for domestic flights and Terminal 2 for international flights)
  • Services and Amenities: Duty-free shopping, various dining options, lounges, efficient baggage handling, and more

About Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi

Indira Gandhi International Airport, centrally located in Delhi, India, serves as a crucial gateway to the nation. With its IATA code DEL, it ranks among the busiest airports in Asia, playing a vital role in India’s air connectivity.

The airport boasts multiple terminals, with Terminal 3 handling international flights and Terminals 1 and 2 catering to domestic traffic. Additionally, it houses a sizable cargo terminal, facilitating the movement of both international and domestic goods.

Situated approximately 16 kilometers from the heart of the city, Indira Gandhi International Airport offers convenient access to Delhi’s various districts. Its proximity to Connaught Place, a major commercial and tourist destination, merely 14 kilometers away, ensures swift travel for visitors and business travelers alike.

Transport options from the airport are diverse and efficient, including taxis, rental cars, and the Delhi Airport Metro Express, providing rapid transit to the city center. As a modern, passenger-centric hub, Indira Gandhi International Airport plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless air travel, both domestically and internationally.

Indira Gandhi International Airport
Indira Gandhi International Airport

Information About Delhi Airport

The airport serving Delhi is the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI Airport), named after former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. It’s the busiest airport in India by both passenger and cargo traffic and consistently ranks among the busiest airports in the world.

  • Location: Palam, Delhi, 15 km southwest of New Delhi Railway Station
  • Code: DEL
  • Terminals: 3 (Terminal 1, 2 and 3), connected by cab/shuttle bus services
  • Services and Amenities: Duty-free shopping, various dining options, lounges, efficient baggage handling, and more
  • Website:https://www.newdelhiairport.in/
  • Airport Helpline: (91) 124 4797300, (91) 124 6838410
  • Flight Information: +880 1713-289170 (71)

NOTE: Above mentioned Dhaka to Delhi air ticket price and flight schedule may change without prior notice for technical, environmental, or other reasons. Please confirm your flight carefully with your travel agent.

Why visit Delhi

Delhi, India’s capital, is a vibrant city that blends ancient history with modern life. Bustling Delhi is a vibrant tapestry of history and modernity. A capital city for centuries, its Mughal monuments like the Red Fort and Jama Masjid whisper of emperors past. Narrow streets lined with spice shops wind through Old Delhi, while sleek skyscrapers rise in the business districts. Delhi offers a delicious mix of cultures, from fragrant street food to elegant restaurants, ensuring an unforgettable experience for any visitor.

Top Tourist Attractions in Delhi

Rich Heritage

Explore iconic landmarks like the Red Fort, Qutub Minar, and Humayun’s Tomb, which offer a glimpse into India’s rich history.

Architectural Marvels

Admire the India Gate, Lotus Temple, and Akshardham Temple, showcasing diverse architectural styles.

Culinary Delights

Savor the city’s diverse cuisine, from street food in Chandni Chowk to fine dining experiences.

Shopping Paradise

Shop at bustling markets like Dilli Haat and Sarojini Nagar, or enjoy upscale malls and designer boutiques.

Cultural Hub

Experience Delhi’s vibrant arts and entertainment scene, including music, dance, theatre, and nightlife.

Green Spaces

Relax in beautiful parks and gardens such as Lodhi Gardens and Mughal Gardens.

Gateway to North India

Use Delhi as a convenient base to explore nearby destinations like Agra, Jaipur, and northern hill stations.

Dynamic City

Delhi is ever-evolving, offering new experiences with every visit.

Dhaka to Delhi Travel Guide

Delhi, the capital of the Union Territory of India, is one of the largest cities in the world. Impressions of history and tradition are scattered in every corner of this busy and populous city, ruled by different rulers about 11 times.

At the same time, various installations of the Mughal period have enriched the culture of Delhi. That is why millions of tourists visit Delhi every year to see the Delhi Jame Mosque, the traditional Bazaar Chandni Chowk, the Qutub Minar, and the tombs of various emperors.

Suitable Time to Travel to Delhi

Delhi is unbearably hot in summer and very cold in winter. So you should avoid very cold and hot days and travel to Delhi. In that case, February, March, October, and November are the best time to visit Delhi. And if you go to Delhi during Puja, you will discover Delhi as a different city.


Delhi Travel Advice

  • Delhi is a very crowded and busy city, so there are always traffic jams. So if you want to go somewhere, try to leave on time.
  • Agra is not far from Delhi; you can visit the Taj Mahal and Fort Agra in one day.
  • Kolkata to Delhi tickets should be booked in advance if you are from Bangladesh or someone you know there.
  • If you do not want to stay in Kolkata, make your plan to catch the train to Delhi after reaching Kolkata.
  • If you want to go during special festivals (Eid, Puja), arrange everything in advance.
  • Avoid local water and drink bottled water.
  • There is a fact called “Delhi Belly” in Delhi, so you must eat a little while and keep the necessary medicine with you.
  • Mosquitoes are very common in Delhi, so it is better to keep them with Odomos or Fabric Roll-On.
  • In Delhi, dress as modestly as possible, and refrain from going out alone at night.
  • Try to enjoy Holi or Diwali with any local family in Delhi. The joy will be doubled.
  • When it comes to shopping, you must buy at a bargain price.
  • The cost will be much less if you use the metro line for travel.

FAQ About Dhaka to Delhi Air Ticket Price and Flight

What is the starting price for air tickets from Dhaka to Delhi?

Airfare from Dhaka to Delhi starts at approximately Tk 8,467 for base-level economy class tickets.

What factors affect the price of air tickets from Dhaka to Delhi?

The price of air tickets can vary based on several factors, including the booking date, route taken, flight availability, and optional services such as additional baggage or in-flight amenities.

Are direct flights more expensive than flights with layovers?

Yes, direct flights generally cost slightly more than flights with layovers.

How can I get the best deal on air tickets from Dhaka to Delhi?

To get the best deal, it’s recommended to book your tickets well in advance, preferably as round-trip tickets. This can help you secure lower prices and better flight availability.

What are some popular airlines that operate flights from Dhaka to Delhi?

Several airlines operate on the Dhaka to Delhi route, including SpiceJet, Air Vistara, IndiGo, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Srilankan Airlines, Flydubai, Turkish Airlines, Saudia Airlines, and Qatar Airways.

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