Dhaka to Bali Air Ticket Price & Flight Schedule 2024

Dhaka to Bali Air Ticket Price

Please read the following articles carefully to learn more about Dhaka to Bali air ticket prices and flight schedules. Almost all of us who are planning to travel abroad are planning to go to Bali. As a result, every year countless people travel from Bangladesh to Bali, Indonesia via air travel. Many airlines have launched flights on this route to facilitate the regular flights of such a large number of passengers.

This has made the journey from Bangladesh to Bali more comfortable and easy. But you will need the right direction to start this journey. Today we will discuss with you the information about Dhaka to Bali air ticket prices & flight schedules. Besides, I will tell you all the facts about how you can buy an air ticket to Bali from Bangladesh.

So keep reading the full post so that you can know more about Dhaka to Bali air ticket prices, flight schedules, and air ticket booking.

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Other Information About Dhaka to Bali Flight

Before booking an air ticket you need to know some additional information about the flight. If you do not know these, you will never be able to complete the booking of the Dhaka to Bali Flight properly. With this information, you will be able to know about the distance between the two destinations at the airport, even when you need a flight from Dhaka to Bali. So look at the table below to plan your flight booking.

Aerial Distance Between Dhaka to Bali4590 KM
Total Flights from Dhaka to Bali Per Week47 Flights
First FlightAir Asia Airlines
Last FlightSingapore Airlines
Popular Airlines on this RoadMalaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Garuda Indonesia & AirAsia Airlines
Shortest Time of Flights9h 15m+
Airport CodesDhaka (DAC), Bali (DPS)
Airports NameDhaka = Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport
Bali = Ngurah Rai International Airport

Dhaka to Bali Flight Schedule

For Dhaka to Bali Air travel, you need to know the departure schedules of the flights. We think this information will be very useful for you as there are numerous regular flights on this route. The Dhaka to Bali Flight Schedule lets you know which airlines are operating their flights on the day of your trip and about their departure times. This will keep you free from flight problems at the airport. So before we get to know about Dhaka to Bali air ticket prices, let us know about the schedule of this router flight.

Dhaka to Bali One-Stop Flight Schedule

Airlines NameViaRoadTotal Time
Singapore AirlinesSingaporeDAC – SIN – DPS11h 15m+
Malaysia AirlinesKuala LumpurDAC – KUL – DPS9h 15m+
Malindo AirKuala LumpurDAC – KUL – DPS11h 15m+
Garuda IndonesiaJakartaDAC – CGK – DPS11h 40m+
AirAsia AirlinesKuala LumpurDAC – KUL – DPS13h 0m+

Bali to Dhaka One-Stop Flight Schedule

Airlines NameViaRoadTotal Time
AirAsia AirlinesKuala LumpurDPS – KUL – DAC10h 0m+
Singapore AirlinesSingaporeDPS – SIN – DAC10h 0m+
Garuda IndonesiaJakartaDPS – CGK – DAC11h 20m+
Malindo AirKuala LumpurDPS – KUL – DAC11h 35m+
Malaysia AirlinesKuala LumpurDPS – KUL – DAC12h 55m+

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Dhaka to Bali Air Ticket Price

The topic we will talk about at this phase of the post is Dhaka to Bali Air Ticket Price. When you realize the flight timetable and ticket subtleties, you can book a trip for yourself. Be that as it may, the airline’s ticket price changes routinely. Therefore, we will sum up the Dhaka to Bali Air Ticket Price beneath as only a thought. Call the numbers underneath to realize the ticket price for the day you will venture out from Dhaka to Bali.

We are perceived as the best quality travel service in Bangladesh. So assuming you need you can without much of a stretch book a Dhaka to Bali air ticket by reaching out to us. So with nothing to do, we should figure out the ticket prices independently for every airline.

Dhaka to Bali Air Ticket Price List

Airlines NameRoadFare RulesTicket Price
AirAsia AirlinesDAC – KUL – DPSNon-Refundable31750 BDT TK
Malindo AirDAC – KUL – DPSNon-Refundable36300 BDT TK
Malaysia AirlinesDAC – KUL – DPSNon-Refundable44200 BDT TK
Singapore AirlinesDAC – SIN – DPSRefundable58800 BDT TK
THAI airwaysDAC – BKK – DPSRefundable63450 BDT TK
Biman Bangladesh AirlinesDAC – KUL – DPSRefundable119999 BDT TK
Emirates AirlinesDAC – DXB – DPSRefundable148200 BDT TK
Qatar AirwaysDAC – DOH – DPSRefundable139150 BDT TK

Bali to Dhaka Air Ticket Price List

Airlines NameRoadFare RulesTicket Price
Malindo AirDPS – KUL – DACNon-Refundable34900 BDT TK
AirAsia AirlinesDPS – KUL – DACNon-Refundable43800 BDT TK
Thai AirwaysDPS – BKK – DACNon-Refundable44700 BDT TK
Malaysia AirlinesDPS – KUL – DACRefundable89300 BDT TK
Qatar AirwaysDPS – DOH – DACRefundable123250 BDT TK
Emirates AirlinesDPS – DXB – DACRefundable149500 BDT TK

Dhaka to Bali Flight Baggage Allowance

Another thing to keep in mind when booking a flight from Dhaka to Bali is Baggage Allowance. Because you need to know how much product you can carry with you for free according to your ticket class. This is because there is often a problem with check-in at the airport for the quantity of goods building. So when booking your ticket, note the amount of Baggage Allowance that airlines have. For your convenience, below is an eye-opener through which you will be able to understand it very easily.

Dhaka to Bali Flight Baggage Allowance

Airlines NameBaggage
AirAsia AirlinesCabin – 7 KG
Malindo Air35 KG
Malaysia Airlines20 KG
Singapore Airlines30 KG
THAI Airways20 KG
Emirates Airlines25 KG (Cabin – 7 KG)
Qatar Airways25 KG
Biman Bangladesh Airlines30 KG

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All the above information about Dhaka to Bali Air Ticket Prices and Flight Schedules has been shared. Due to this, you can book a flight for yourself now. To easily buy a Dhaka to Bali Air Ticket from any part of Bangladesh, call us at the numbers given above. If you like this post, be sure to share it with your friends.

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