Dhaka to Moscow Air Ticket Price & Flight Schedule 2024

Dhaka to Moscow Air Ticket Price

Get complete information about Dhaka to Moscow air ticket prices and flight schedules from Bangladesh. There was a time when people used horse carts or bullock carts to travel from one place to another. It took a long time for people to cover short distances. But now you don’t have to face many problems traveling from one place to another.

Because at present there is an improved communication system. Air travel has made it easier for people to travel from one end of the earth to the other. So now you can complete the journey anywhere by airplane in a very short time. However, since we are talking about Dhaka to Moscow travel plans, you can choose Air Travel.

However, to travel from Dhaka to Moscow Air, you will need various information including ticket booking, and flight schedule. So through this post, we will review all kinds of information about Dhaka Moscow air ticket prices and flight times.

This will allow you to make the right decision for your trip after completing the post. So let us know the details about the Dhaka to Moscow air ticket price and flight schedule one by one.

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Other Information About Dhaka to Moscow Flight

Moscow, the capital of Russia, is a very beautiful and picturesque city. As a result, every year, passengers from all over the world, including Bangladesh, travel to Moscow according to their needs. But now the most popular and easy way to travel from Bangladesh to Moscow is air travel. However, to complete this travel, you must know some information. These will make it easier for you to complete the flight in many ways.

Aerial Distance Between Dhaka to Moscow7585 KM
Total Flights from Dhaka to Moscow Per Week23 Flights
First FlightEmirates Airlines
Last FlightQatar Airways
Popular Airlines on this RoadEmirates Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Flydubai, Gulf Air & Etihad Airways
Shortest Time of Flights13h 15m+
Airport CodesDhaka (DAC), Moscow (SVO)
Airports NameDhaka = Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport
Moscow = Sheremetyevo International Airport

Dhaka to Moscow Flight Schedule

An important piece of information about air travel is the flight schedule. Because many airlines operate different airlines for the purpose of one destination. This makes it a bit difficult for the passengers to select the flight according to the allotted time. However, if you are aware of the flight time of each airline departing to your destination, you can easily get released this Monday. So let’s take a look at the list of Dhaka to Moscow Flight Schedules.

Dhaka to Moscow One-Stop Flight Schedule

Airlines NameViaRoadTotal Time
Emirates AirlinesDubaiDAC – DXB – SVO13h 15m+
FlydubaiDubaiDAC – DXB – SVO13h 40m+
Turkish AirlinesIstanbulDAC – IST – SVO15h 0m+
Gulf AirBahrainDAC – BAH – SVO15h 55m+
Etihad AirwaysAbu DhabiDAC – AUH – SVO17h 20m+
Qatar AirwaysDohaDAC – DOH – SVO17h 0m+

Moscow to Dhaka One-Stop Flight Schedule

Airlines NameViaRoadTotal Time
Emirates AirlinesDubaiSVO – DXB – DAC11h 10m+
Biman Bangladesh AirlinesDubaiSVO – DXB – DAC11h 10m+
Gulf AirBahrainSVO – BRH – DAC13h 5m+
Turkish AirlinesİstanbulSVO – IST – DAC13h 45m+
Qatar AirwaysDohaSVO – DIA – DAC14h 35m+

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Dhaka to Moscow Air Ticket Price

Before we travel anywhere we must calculate the cost of all possible means to get there. The price of the ticket is the first of all. So maybe this is why you want to know about Dhaka to Moscow air ticket prices. But you get rid of all thoughts. In this part of the post, we will discuss the ticket prices of the airlines running this route.

However, this time a question may come to your mind in the estate, that is, I know the Dhaka to Moscow Air Ticket Price, but I will buy the ticket? But the simple answer to this question is the numbers given below. Because by calling these numbers you can easily book your ticket starting from the flight.

So get in touch with us now for your service on air travel from Bangladesh. This will allow you to easily get all the travel services you want from a reputable travel agency. But first, let us inform you about Dhaka to Moscow Air Ticket Prices.

Dhaka to Moscow Air Ticket Price List

Airlines NameRoadFare RulesTicket Price
Gulf AirDAC – BAH – DMENon-Refundable78999 BDT TK
Air ArabiaDAC – SHJ – DMENon-Refundable88200 BDT TK
Emirates AirlinesDAC – DXB – DMERefundable108300 BDT TK
FlydubaiDAC – DXB – VKORefundable135300 BDT TK
Etihad AirwaysDAC – AUH – SVORefundable113300 BDT TK
Qatar AirwaysDAC – DOH – SVORefundable146900 BDT TK
Turkish AirlinesDAC – IST – VKORefundable152600 BDT TK

Moscow to Dhaka Air Ticket Price List

Airlines NameRoadFare RulesTicket Price
Fly DubaiVKO – DXB – DACNon-Refundable39999 BDT TK
Air ArabiaDME – SHJ – DACNon-Refundable61150 BDT TK
Qatar AirwaysSVO – DOH – DACRefundable73000 BDT TK
Etihad AirwaysSVO – AUH – DACRefundable76500 BDT TK
Turkish AirlinesVKO – IST – DACNon-Refundable123500 BDT TK
Emirates AirlinesVKO – DXB – DACRefundable140700 BDT TK

Dhaka to Moscow Flight Baggage Allowance

Did you know about Dhaka to Moscow ticket prices and flights? So this time I will discuss another important issue about Baggage Allowance. Because you can’t carry the product you want with you while traveling by air. In this case, a certain amount for each airline is indicated. So know about this before the journey. This will help you to keep your luggage organized.

Dhaka to Moscow Flight Baggage Allowance

Airlines NameBaggage
Turkish Airlines40 KG
FlyDubaiCabin – 7 KG
Qatar AirwaysADT – 30 KG
Air ArabiaCabin – 10 KG
Etihad Airways30 KG
Emirates Airlines30 KG

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We have already informed you about Dhaka to Moscow air ticket prices and flight schedules. So you can now complete the air travel to your travel destination. However, you may have some more information about this. But you can find out if you want by contacting us. So to know more about the Dhaka to Moscow flight, comment below or call the numbers above. We work hard to give you a beautiful travel gift all the time.

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