Domestic Air Ticket Price in Bangladesh 2024

Domestic Air Ticket Price in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s domestic aviation industry is growing at a significant volume, resulting in increased domestic airline operations. As a result, the number of flights operating on domestic routes has increased fast. It is worth noting that many travel agencies are offering attractive discounts and special fares to attract passengers to choose air travel. GOFLY Limited, an affiliate of all domestic airlines, offers incredible discounts and special fares for an extraordinary travel experience.

Are you looking for the best domestic air ticket prices in Bangladesh? Bangladeshi airlines operate many flights daily on various routes, through these flights, thousands of people travel from one city to another every day. This article’s target is to provide wide information regarding domestic flight tickets. If you are interested in finding affordable prices for domestic flight tickets to Bangladesh, then continue reading as we begin this informative journey. This article is packed with valuable domestic air ticket-related tips and useful information to assist you.

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RoutesTicket PriceAction
Dhaka – Cox’s BazarBDT 5000Check out today’s price
Dhaka – ChittagongBDT 3500
Dhaka – SaidpurBDT 3799
Dhaka – RajshahiBDT 3499
Dhaka – SylhetBDT 3599
Dhaka – JessoreBDT 3500
Dhaka – BarisalNo Flight

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Domestic Air Ticket Price In Bangladesh

We will now explore the ticket prices of different airlines for different routes. Air ticket prices may change based on factors such as demand and other reasons. Domestic flight ticket prices vary depending on the airline and the services they offer. To give you an idea of airfare, here are the average prices of domestic route air tickets.

Domestic Air Ticket

Traveling by domestic flight is one of the best choices as it has many advantages. Traveling by flight saves time and energy and also reduces the risk of accidents. Today, we will discuss various aspects related to domestic flights. We will also talk about how to easily book domestic air tickets. Additionally, we will discuss the cheap prices of domestic air tickets in Bangladesh.

What Does Domestic Flight Mean?

There are two types of passenger flights, domestic flights, and international flights. Domestic flights operate within a country, connecting cities or regions within that country. On the other hand, international flights involve travel between different countries, allowing passengers to fly to destinations around the world.

For example: If a flight from Dhaka goes to Cox’s Bazar then it is an internal flight. You do not need a passport or visa to travel on domestic flights. But a passport must be shown for traveling on international flights like Dhaka to London flights.

How to Find Cheap Domestic Air Tickets

4 airlines are operating domestic route flights in Bangladesh. These four airlines are Biman, US-Bangla, Novoair, and Air Astra. If one wants to get cheap domestic flight tickets, one must compare prices between these four airlines. Ticket prices for different airlines may vary. If you want to book cheap flights, you need to choose the cheapest flight between all airlines.

To book cheap domestic air tickets you need to book tickets in advance. Increasing demand and other factors frequently result in last-minute price increases for tickets. If tickets are purchased in advance, they can be reserved for less money.

Contact us for the latest ticket prices of all airlines. Also, contact us for special offers and discounts on tickets.

Domestic Airlines In Bangladesh

Four airlines are providing quality services on the domestic routes of Bangladesh. The airlines are:

Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Biman Bangladesh Airlines, a government-owned airline in Bangladesh, holds the distinction of being the country’s most prominent carrier. At the heart of its operations, Biman Bangladesh Airlines directs its main hub from the bustling Shahajalal International Airport in Dhaka. Also operate flights from secondary hubs in Chittagong and Sylhet, from where the airline gracefully extends its wings. Biman Bangladesh Airlines has flights on all domestic routes in Bangladesh. There are also Saidpur-Cox’s Bazar-Saidpur, Sylhet-Cox’s Bazar-Sylhet, and Rajshahi-Cox’s Bazar-Rajshahi flights.

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US-Bangla Airlines

US-Bangla Airlines, a private airline based at Bangladesh’s Shahjalal International Airport, operates flights on all domestic routes from Dhaka as its main hub.

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Novoair, a reputed private airline in Bangladesh, operates from its hub at Shahjalal International Airport and serves all domestic routes in the country. It has gained popularity among travelers who often choose Novoair over other domestic airlines.

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Air Astra

Air Astra, a newly launched airline in Bangladesh, currently focuses on serving four domestic routes within the country. Currently, the routes of the airlines are Dhaka to/from Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Saidpur, and Sylhet. Operating with ATR 72-600 aircraft, a reliable twin-turboprop aircraft, Air Astra aims to provide efficient and comfortable flights. Looking ahead, the airline has ambitious plans to expand its operations and commence international flights to various destinations in the future.

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Domestic Air Ticket BD

Particularly during vacations or special occasions like Eid, more people are taking domestic flights. Many people now choose to fly rather than get with the inconvenience of traffic jams, making air travel a popular option.

Did you know that purchasing airline tickets in advance can result in special savings? If you have any inquiries concerning the specials and savings we are currently providing on domestic flights, kindly get in touch with us.

Online Domestic Air Ticket BD

Purchasing tickets online has become incredibly convenient these days. You can easily confirm your ticket from the comfort of your home by paying through mobile banking or other available payment methods.

The process of buying domestic air tickets in BD is very easy. You need to pay first. After making the payment, you will get an SMS on your phone and an email with a copy of the ticket and the e-ticket number. After reaching the airline counter, you need to show a printed copy of the ticket or SMS confirmation. Then they will give you the boarding pass from the counter.

Cheap Domestic Air Ticket In Bangladesh

You can buy cheap domestic flight tickets in Bangladesh in various ways, such as special offers from airlines and discounts offered by agencies. Also, you can book cheap tickets if you book domestic flight tickets in advance. Because as the date of travel gets closer the ticket price will increase due to an increase in demand. So, the best strategy to get cheap airfare, in this case, is to book tickets before the travel date. You can contact us to learn more about these offers and discounts.

Domestic Flight Tickets In Bangladesh

So, all the information mentioned above will help you to know about domestic air ticket prices in Bangladesh. We have discussed the details of the flight schedule and ticket prices of domestic air tickets in Bangladesh.

All domestic airlines in Bangladesh operate flights within the country and sell tickets directly and through travel agencies. While airlines sell domestic air tickets at fixed prices, travel agencies often offer discounted fares, this is the reason travel agencies are a popular choice among travelers. goFLY Limited, a renowned travel agency, is known for providing cheap air tickets. You can also conveniently check domestic flight schedules and book tickets on the goFLY Limited website.

FAQs About Domestic Air Ticket Prices in Bangladesh

What is a domestic flight?

A flight that operates between different cities in the same country.

Do I need a passport for domestic flights in Bangladesh?

You do not need a passport or visa to travel on domestic flights. You can travel by showing any photo ID card. To book domestic air tickets, you just need your name and date of birth.

What is the check-in time for domestic flights in Bangladesh?

Online check-in opens 24 hours before flight departure and closes 1 hour before domestic flight departure.

How many kilos of luggage can be taken on domestic flights?

You can take 20 kg of check-in baggage on domestic flights in Bangladesh.

How many kilos can I take in hand luggage?

You can carry 7 kg of cabin baggage.

How can I change my flight ticket?

If you wish to change your flight date, you will need to reissue your ticket. Airlines will charge a fee for changing tickets depending on the class of ticket you purchased.

Can I cancel the domestic flight ticket?

Yes, you can cancel or reschedule the domestic flight. Depending on the airline and the fare class of your issuing ticket, you may have to pay a change or cancellation fee.

How much is the cancellation charge for a domestic flight?

Yes, you can cancel your flight before the scheduled departure time. Airlines will set your cancellation charges based on how far in advance you canceled the flight.

How do I get my money back if I cancel my flight?

You will get a refund through the online or travel agency through which you booked the ticket.

You now have a clear idea about Bangladesh’s domestic airlines, domestic air ticket prices, and routes. As airfares fluctuate and cannot be predicted ahead of time, it is advisable to book in advance.

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