Dhaka to Osaka Air Ticket Price & Flight Schedule 2024

Dhaka to Osaka Air Ticket Price

Stay tuned to the port below to learn about Dhaka to Osaka air ticket prices and flight schedules as a traveler. Air travel is the most comfortable and easy way to travel from Bangladesh to Osaka, Japan. Because there is a lot of distance between these two places. Which is easy to complete with just one air travel. As a result, at present, there are regular flights from Bangladesh to Osaka.

Every year Bangladeshis travel to different cities in Japan for various activities. However, Osaka is one of them in terms of popularity. You may also plan to travel to Osaka from Bangladesh on a business trip. But to do this, first, you need to know about Dhaka to Osaka air ticket prices and flight schedules. So today we are going to tell you more details about this through this post.

With this, you can easily know the information about ticket booking and baggage. Let’s get to know the information about Dhaka to Osaka air ticket prices and flight schedule, baggage, and ticket booking one by one without delay.

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Additional Information About Dhaka-Osaka Flights

In addition to the Dhaka-Osaka router air ticket and flight times, there are a number of different details that are needed for travel. We would like to inform you about the Additional Information of this Air Router before informing you about the Dhaka to Osaka air ticket fare and flight schedule. However, be sure to note the list below so that you can easily use any subject during the flight. So let’s get to know this before discussing the basics.


Aerial Distance Between Dhaka to Osaka5749 KM
Total Flights from Dhaka to Osaka Per Week44 Flights
First FlightTHAI Airways
Last FlightMalaysia Airlines
Popular Airlines on this RoadJin Air, THAI Airways, JAL, Malaysia Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Qatar Airways, Bangkok Airways, and Emirates Airlines.
Shortest Time of Flights11h 15m+
Airport CodesDhaka (DAC), Osaka (ITM & KIX)
Airports NameDhaka = Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.
Osaka = Osaka International Airport & Kansai International Airport


Dhaka to Osaka Flight Schedule

Before checking the ticket price of a destination, you must know the time of departure of the vehicle for its purpose. As a result, we would like to inform you about the flight times and which airlines are currently operating before announcing the Dhaka to Osaka air ticket price. Because it is not possible for an ordinary passenger to book a good quality flight without knowing the exact time.

However, at present, as no airline is offering flights from Dhaka to Osaka, the one-stop flights will definitely be covered. Through this, you can see when an airline will operate a flight on the day of your preferred journey. But without wasting time, let’s find out about Dhaka to Osaka flight schedule.


Dhaka to Osaka One-Stop Flight Schedule

Airlines NameViaRoadTotal Time
Jin AirSeoulDAC – ICN – ITM11h 15m+
THAI AirwaysBangkokDAC – BKK – ITM14h 5m+
JAL AirlinesTokyoDAC – HND – ITM14h 5m+
Malaysia AirlinesKuala LumpurDAC – KUL – ITM14h 25m+
Vietnam AirlinesHo Chi Minh CityDAC – SGN – ITM14h 45m+
Singapore AirlinesSingaporeDAC – SIN – KIX29h 15m+
Biman Bangladesh AirlinesBangkokDAC – BKK – KIX15h 0m+
Bangkok AirwaysBangkokDAC – BKK – KIX14h 55m+
Emirates AirlinesDubaiDAC – DXB – KIX18h 45m+

Osaka to Dhaka One-Stop Flight Schedule

Airlines NameViaRoadTotal Time
Thai AirwaysBangkokKIX – BKK – DAC16h 40m+
Emirates AirlinesDubaiKIX – DXB – DAC19h 20m+
Malaysia AirlinesKuala LumpurKIX – KUL – DAC18h 0m+
Singapore AirlinesSingaporeKIX – SIN – DAC26h 15m+


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Dhaka to Osaka Air Ticket Price

At this point in our article, we would like to inform you about the Osaka air ticket price. Because if you have reviewed the above information well, then, of course, you can know about the ticket price. But there are some differences between the price of air tickets published below. One of the reasons for this is the airlines.

In most cases, the Dhaka to Osaka air ticket price varies depending on the needs of the passengers. However, if you book your flight in a few days, you can book the flight if you want. Again, if you want, you can get this service from a reputable Bangladeshi travel agency like ours. This will enable you to book a flight from Dhaka to Osaka without any additional hassle.

So let us know about the main topic of this article. By doing this you may be able to choose the ticket for you.

Dhaka to Osaka Air Ticket Price List in BDT (One-Stop)

Airlines NameRoadFare RulesTicket Price
Singapore AirlinesDAC – SIN – KIXRefundable105150 BDT TK
THAI airwaysDAC – BKK – KIXRefundable130950 BDT TK
Biman Bangladesh AirlinesDAC – BKK – KIXRefundable241650 BDT TK
Bangkok AirwaysDAC – BKK – KIXNon-Refundable283650 BDT TK
Emirates AirlinesDAC – DXB – KIXRefundable182300 BDT TK
Malaysia AirlinesDAC – KUL – KIXRefundable92250 BDT TK

Dhaka to Osaka Air Ticket Price List in BDT (Two-Stop)

Airlines NameRoadFare RulesTicket Price
Qatar AirwaysDAC – DOH – NRT – KIXRefundable186950 BDT TK
SriLankan AirlinesDAC – CMB – NRT – KIXNon-Refundable73800 BDT TK


Osaka to Dhaka Air Ticket Price List in BDT (One-Stop)

Airlines NameRoadFare RulesTicket Price
Thai AirwaysKIX – BKK – DACRefundable56350 BDT TK
Emirates AirlinesKIX – DXB – DACRefundable96650 BDT TK
Malaysia AirlinesKIX – KUL – DACRefundable171100 BDT TK
Singapore AirlinesKIX – SIN – DACRefundable299850 BDT TK


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Baggage Allowance for Dhaka-Osaka Flights

Almost every time travelers ask us a question, how much can I carry while traveling? But if this is your question, you will find the correct answer below. Because we are going to talk about the baggage allowance for the Dhaka-Osaka flight. This way you will know about the baggage allowance of each airline operating on this route at night. However, this can often vary depending on the category of your ticket.

Baggage Allowance for Dhaka-Osaka Flights


Airlines NameBaggage
Singapore Airlines30 KG
Malaysia Airlines30 KG
THAI Airways35 KG
Biman Bangladesh Airlines20 KG
Qatar Airways35 KG
Bangkok Airways20 KG
Emirates Airlines40 KG
SriLankan Airlines  ADT – 30 KG


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In the above part of this registration, you have learned everything about Dhaka to Osaka air ticket prices and flight schedules, baggage, and ticket booking. But now you can choose the airline of your choice to travel from Dhaka to Osaka. However, if you need any information about your flight, please contact us at the numbers above. Our expert team will help you to book the right ticket for you.

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