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Dhaka to Riyadh Air Ticket Price & Flight Schedule 2023

Dhaka to Riyadh Air Ticket Price

Dhaka to Riyadh Air Ticket Price

The purpose of this post is to provide Dhaka to Riyadh air ticket prices and flight schedules. Often new travelers face problems or get anxious about whether they will find authentic information about the Dhaka to Riyadh air route. So this post is for them.

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. It is the 6th most visited country in the Middle East and one of the most visited countries in the world. Riyadh has the second-largest International airport in Saudia Arabia. The IATA code of this largest airport is RUH. As Riyadh has good communication With Bangladesh, many people visit Riyadh from Dhaka.

Therefore we have covered Dhaka to Riyadh air ticket prices, baggage information, and flight schedules. Go through this post and enjoy your trip.

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Other Information About Dhaka to Riyadh Flight

Though the location of Dhaka and Riyadh is on the same continent, the distance is huge. The driving distance is almost 6570 km which takes 80 hours to go. Now it is a nightmare to think of driving away.

Travelers prefer to travel by plane nowadays. The aerial distance between Dhaka and Riyadh is 4415 km and a direct flight takes almost 7 hours to reach the destination. The time increases when you travel by a one-stop flight.


The aerial Distance Between Dhaka and Riyadh4415 KM
Popular AirlinesSaudi Airlines, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Gulf Air
Weekly Flights Between Dhaka and Riyadh45 Flights
First Flight from Dhaka to Riyadh10:15 AM, Saudia Airlines
Last Flight from Dhaka to Riyadh11:30 PM, Biman Bangladesh Airlines
Travel Time7 Hours


Dhaka to Riyadh Flight Schedule

You must know the schedule and ticket price before you go anywhere because it will give you an idea about the time and cost of your trip. If your transportation is a plane then it is mandatory to know the flight schedule and ticket price prior to your trip planning.

Although flight schedules and ticket prices change, you need to know these things to get an idea. Environmental or technical issues are the main factors to change the flight schedule. But you will be always notified if the flight schedule is changed after your booking. 

Anyways, let’s see the nonstop and one-stop flight schedule between Dhaka and Riyadh.


Non-Stop Dhaka to Riyadh Flight Schedule

Two airlines operate direct flights from Dhaka to Riyadh. Direct flights mean they start their journey from Dhaka airport and land at Riyadh airport. As a result, you don’t have to waste your time on any layover. However, these two airlines also have some one-stop flights.

Below we have pointed out the departure and arrival times, operation days, and flight no of these direct flights.


Saudia Airlines Dhaka to Riyadh Flight Schedule
Flight NoDeparture Time Arrival Time Operation DayAirport Code
Saudi 80710:15 AM1:05 PMTuesday, WednesdayDAC – RUH
Saudi 3879 6:45 PM9:35 PMSaturdayDAC – RUH
Saudi 805 9:25 PM12:15 AMSunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridaDAC – RUH
Saudi 8059:25 PM12:40 AMSaturdayDAC – RUH


Biman Bangladesh Dhaka to Riyadh Flight Schedule
Flight NoDeparture Time Arrival TimeOperation DayAirport Code
Biman 303911:30 PM2:40 AMFridayDAC – RUH


Non-Stop Riyadh to Dhaka Flight Schedule

Flight NoDeparture TimeArrival TimeOperation DayAirport Code
Saudi 38788:10 AM5:00 PMSaturdayRUH – DAC
Saudi 80410:55 AM7:45 PMSunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and SaturdayRUH – DAC
Saudi 80611:40 PM8;40 AMMonday, TuesdayRUH – DAC


Biman Bangladesh Riyadh to DhakaFlight Schedule
Flight NoDeparture Time Arrival Time Operation Day Airport Code
Biman 30406:40 AM3:15 PMSaturdayRUH-DAC
Biman 30407:10 AM3:35 PMSunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and FridayRUH-DAC


One-Stop Dhaka to Riyadh Flight Schedule

There are many one-stop flights between Dhaka to Riyadh. These flights stop at the countries which are designated for them. The layover time maybe 5 to 6 hours long. In the meantime, you can roam the airport or shop for anything. Let’s enjoy the stoppage country name and the total time of some airlines here.

Airlines NameViaRoadTotal Time
Oman AirMuscatDAC – MCT – RUH8h 30m
Salam AirMuscatDAC – MCT – RUH8h 45m
Gulf AirBahrain DAC – BAH – RUH10h 45m
Saudi AirlinesJeddahDAC – JED – RUH11h 30m 
Air ArabiaSharjahDAC – SHJ – RUH9h 5m
Etihad AirwaysAbu DhabiDAC – AUH – RUH10h 30m


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Dhaka to Riyadh Air Ticket Price

There is always a bit of skepticism among travelers about air ticket prices. It is because the price of air tickets is frequently changed. Due to different offers, the prices decrease a lot and sometimes prices are higher than usual. So everybody tries to book the ticket at the cheapest rate.

Now the air ticket booking process has become much easier. It can be booked through the office of the airlines or travel agencies. You can also book online from home. Before your booking process, it will be nice if you have an idea about the price of the air ticket. So here we have discussed Dhaka to Riyadh air ticket prices in charts.


GOFLY Hotline: 09639203090


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Non-Stop Dhaka to Riyadh Air Ticket Price

Airlines NameFare RulesTicket Price
Saudia Airlines Refundable87921 BDT TK 
Biman Bangladesh Airlines Refundable140375 BDT TK


One-Stop Dhaka to Riyadh Air Ticket Price

Airlines NameFare RulesTicket Price
Oman AirRefundable109000 BDT TK
Salam AirRefundable97216 BDT TK
Air Arabia AirlinesRefundable42275 BDT TK
Gulf AirNon-refundable77655 BDT TK
Biman Bangladesh AirlinesRefundable140375 BDT TK


Dhaka to Riyadh Flight Baggage Allowance

All airlines strive to make passengers as comfortable as possible during their journey. As a result, they consider all of the passengers’ baggage requirements and provide a variety of cabin baggage and handbag alternatives. You are allowed to bring luggage into the cabin as long as it does not jeopardize security and fulfills the weight and size restrictions. A list with the amount of baggage allowance has been published below.


Airlines NameBaggage Allowance
Saudia Airlines23 kg
Gulf Air23 kg
Biman Bangladesh Airlines30kg
Etihad Airways30 kg 
Oman Air30 kg
Salam Air30 kg
Air Arabia Airlines30 kg


Important FAQ About Dhaka to Riyadh Air Ticket & Flight

What is the flight time between Dhaka and Riyadh?

It takes almost 8 to 9 hours to fly from Dhaka to Riyadh.

What is the cheapest day to book a flight from Dhaka to Riyadh?

After researching many flights we have found out that Wednesday is the cheapest day for booking  Dhaka to Riyadh flight.

Is a travel agency reliable for booking a flight to Riyadh from Dhaka?

Yes. A huge number of people book their tickets from the travel agencies. you can book too. For more information, you can visit goflybd.com

Which Airlines are non-stop Between Dhaka to Riyadh?

Biman Bangladesh Airlines and Saudia Airlines are non-stop airlines on this route.

What is the off-day non-stop flight from Dhaka to Riyadh?

There is no off day. Non-stop flights fly every day.

When is the first flight from Dhaka to Riyadh?

The first flight from Dhaka to Riyadh is at 10:15 AM.

Should I need a visa and passport to fly to Riyadh?

Yes, a passport and visa are mandatory to enter Riyadh.

What is the roundtrip air ticket price from Dhaka to Riyadh?

The average price of a round trip air ticket is nearly 87980 BDT TK.

Per week how many flights fly from Dhaka to Riyadh?

45 flights fly from Dhaka to Riyadh per week.


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It was a full guide on Dhaka to Riyadh air ticket prices and flight schedules. We hope you have enjoyed it a lot while reading. We have also mentioned the baggage allowance of some airlines. If you have any queries related to this topic leave a comment below.

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