Helicopter Rent in Bangladesh 2024

Helicopter Rent in Bangladesh

Helicopter Rent in Bangladesh

Helicopter rent in Bangladesh is too reasonable nowadays. So, recently it gained popularity among all. Do you want to travel, and are you searching for a helicopter in Bangladesh? Then you will stay on the right page.

In Bangladesh, some private companies are available with their outstanding helicopter services and with cheap rent. For that, many people can fulfill their dream of flying in the sky. It is more enjoyable and different because of flying. From Helicopters, when you see the green nature, waves of rivers, hills, and water flow, your mind will be overjoyed.

Not only travel but also emergencies need one place to another, and for a serious patient, it is a very much important vehicle. Don’t feel tense, from this article you get enough information which you want to know. Such as Helicopter rent in Bangladesh, the name of the popular helicopter, how much the rent per hour, how you will contract, etc. Continue reading.

Helicopter Rent, Ride, and Other Information in Bangladesh

A helicopter journey is a dream of most people. It remains that the cost of a helicopter journey is a lot. But it’s not true. Actually, the rent is too cheap for its service with special facilities. The rent is counted per hour. You can contact the helicopter for how many hours you want to visit or fly in the sky.

There are many private companies that give you a fat chance within your budget. Now you can full fill your flying dream. The whole of Bangladesh you can now visit within a short time and comfortably. There are many helicopters available in Bangladesh, such as Robinson R-44, Robinson R-66, Bell-429 Helicopter, Agusta-AW109, Euro copter EC-135, and many others.

You can visit anywhere you wish within Bangladesh, such as Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Cox-Bazar, Barisal, etc. Not only for travel but also you can rent the helicopter for Marriage ceremonies, Film Shooting, Carrying Coffin, etc.

A helicopter has a total height of 7 seats. That means 7 people can fly at the same time together. For the favor, we will describe in this article details about Helicopter Rent in Bangladesh.


Name of Popular Helicopter in BangladeshMax Distance
Robinson R-44500 km
Robinson R-66600 km
Bell 407700 km
Bell 429722 km


Helicopter Rent Per Hour in Bangladesh

There are many types of helicopter flight services in Bangladesh. The company provides service with many fantastic model helicopters. Helicopter fare depends on your location, where you want to go, and the distance.

The rent of helicopters on a special day is higher than on other days and has a minimum% of a vat. For better understanding, we provide all data about Helicopter rent per hour in Bangladesh differently.


Helicopter Rent Per Hour in Bangladesh


Bell-429 Helicopter Rent in Bangladesh

Rent Per HourWaiting ChargeVatSchedule DaySpecial Day (Extra) Charge
2,05000 per hour20,000 per hour15%Sunday to ThursdayFriday and Saturday=30%


Bell-407 Helicopter Rent in Bangladesh

Rent Per HourWaiting ChargeVatSchedule DaySpecial Day (Extra) Charge
120,000 per hour15,000 per hour15%Sunday to ThursdayFriday and Saturday=30%


Bell-430 Helicopter Rent in Bangladesh

Rent Per HourWaiting ChargeVatSchedule DaySpecial day (extra)charge
280,000 per hour45,000 per hour15%Sunday to ThursdayFriday and Saturday=30%


Robinson R-44 Helicopter Rent in Bangladesh

Rent Per HourWaiting ChargeVatSchedule DaySpecial day (extra)charge
70,000 per hour10,000 per hour15%Sunday to ThursdayFriday and Saturday=30%


Robinson R-66 Helicopter Rent in Bangladesh

Rent Per HourWaiting ChargeVatSchedule DaySpecial day (extra)charge
85,000 per hour12,000 per hour15%Sunday to ThursdayFriday and Saturday=30%


Eurocopter EC-130 Helicopter Rent in Bangladesh

Rent Per HourWaiting ChargeVatSchedule DaySpecial day (extra)charge
120,000 per hour12,000 per hour15%Sunday to ThursdayFriday and Saturday=30%


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Bangladesh AC helicopter is available anywhere, anytime. And you can visit or fly in the sky with your family members. Many helicopters have many kinds of seat plans. As you wish you can choose how many seats you need. The passenger capacity of popular helicopters in Bangladesh is given below in a table.


Passenger Capacity of Popular Helicopters in Bangladesh


Name of HelicopterPassenger Capacity
Bell-42907 passenger
Bell-407O6 passenger
Bell-43004 passenger
Agusta-AW10907 passenger
Robinson 6605 passenger
Robinson 44O5 passenger
Euro copter EC-13005 passenger
Euro copter EC-13505 passenger


Contract Number for Rent a Helicopter in Bangladesh

There are many private companies available with their better facilities and best service. If you need to, you can contract with the company. There are some company contract numbers for your better concern. Scroll below and see the attached table.


Helicopter Rent Price in Bangladesh

Although the total cost is dependent on your location and distance, then you get an opportunity to reduce the rent to discuss with the company. There is also a waiting charge, and if you want to fly on special days (Friday and Saturday), you need to pay a 30% extra charge. The Helicopter rent price in Bangladesh is given below as per company rent.


Name of CompanyRent Per Hour
Bashundhara Airways66000 BDT/per hour
Partex Aviation65000 BDT/per hour
BRB Air100000 BDT/per hour
Partex Aviation65000 BDT/per hour
Bangla International Airlines60000 BDT to 100000 BDT/per hour
Meghna Aviation70,000 BDT to 220000 BDT/per hour
South Asian Airlines65000 BDT to 110000 BDT/per hour


Helicopter Rental Companies Services

Not only for enjoyment but also for any commercial purposes, Serious patient hospital purposes, Marriage Ceremonies, Carrying VIP Guests, and Emergency moves from one place to another within Bangladesh, you can book a helicopter anytime when you need it. The airline company is always ready to provide its services.


Helicopter Rental Companies Services


  • Visiting Different Places in Bangladesh: If you want or need to move from one place to another, you can get this service.
  • Marriage Ceremony: Nowadays, we can see helicopter rentals for the marriage ceremony. It is a fascinating, enjoyable, and exciting matter. If you need it, you can accept the service.
  • Trip for Honeymoon: Most couples want a memorable honeymoon trip. Their service is available to make their particular time more special.
  • Pleasure Tour: We are tour lovers in Bengali. If it is by helicopter, how enjoyable is it? Just unexplained, right? The tour lover can accept the service.
  • Corporate Transportation: if you want to combine tours, you can do this, which is better. An extended tour isn’t enjoyable if it’s with friends or family members. That’s great. But you should ensure the helicopter’s seating capability because the height capability of any helicopter in Bangladesh is 7 people. So, you can enjoy your corporate journey by helicopter.
  • TV News Collection: Often, news reporters hire a helicopter for news collection; they can also get the service.
  • Spreading Leaflets: If you need advertising from your company, you can spread leaflets by helicopter.
  • Carrying Passengers: Just carry general passengers. The service is available.
  • Carrying Patients: It is an important service that works as an ambulance. We know that every day many patients need to transfer from one hospital to another to cure a patient. This time, one second is too valuable for the patient’s life. When referring to a patient? If a patient is in an uncontrolled situation or the hospital doesn’t have enough support for the patient, then the patient is referred. If delayed, the patient can’t survive. The helicopter service is too important for serious patients, and you can get it anywhere.
  • Carrying VIP Guests: If you want to move your guests by helicopter for the guest, you can get this service also.
  • Film Shooting: most film needs to hire a helicopter to shoot for a specific time. If you are a media person, you know clearly, that the helicopter service is permanently active.
  • Carrying Coffin: A helicopter is better than other transport for moving a dead body from one place to another. Within a short time, the dead body coffin reaches the proper place; helicopter service is best and always ready for service. 


FAQ About Helicopter Rent in Bangladesh

How to rent a helicopter from Bangladesh?

You can book helicopter rent through any travel agency. One such specialized travel agency is goFly Ltd. They have been providing helicopter rent services for traveling to any district of Bangladesh for a long time.

Is it safe to travel by helicopter?

Yes Of course it is much safer and more time efficient than traveling by food vehicle.

Are there any documents required to rent a helicopter?

No prescribed documents are required if you want to travel within the country. However, certain helicopter rent service provider companies may collect a copy of the NID card to confirm your identity.

Is a passport required for helicopter travel within DOS?

No, A passport is not required if you want to travel by helicopter within Bangladesh.

Where do I contact for more details regarding helicopter travel?

If you want to know more detailed information about helicopter rent and travel from Bangladesh then you can contact us directly on 01713-289171. By doing this you will know all the information about your trip very quickly.


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After all, I want to say from my own opinions and experiences. Helicopter travel is absolutely incredible. From a flying helicopter, you will get a beautiful view and plenty of time to enjoy it. We always try to provide accurate and updated information in my articles. If you read my blog carefully, we hope you find enough information that was unknown until today.

If you know more about Helicopter Rent in Bangladesh, you can freely ask me in the comment box. we will reply to you with a battery suggestion as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting my website.

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