Best Resort Near Dhaka for Couple, Family, and Day Out

Best Resort Near Dhaka

If you are searching for the best resort near Dhaka for couples, families, and a day out? Then you stay on a proper page to know detailed information about your preferred resort. Because I always provide actual and updated data with my article.

By the way, if you stay in Dhaka for a long time or a short time, then you know how busy the city capital Dhaka is. Sometimes we forget that our body and mind need a break and need to refresh.

Although we do have not enough time to go on a tour or visit anywhere for a long time. But if we want then we can visit the nearest resort in Dhaka with family members. There are some wonderful resorts near Dhaka where you can visit or have a family picnic during your short weekend.

To know more about the best resort near Dhaka for couples, families, and days out read continue.


20 Best Resort Near Dhaka for Couples, Family, and Day Out

Although there are many resorts nearby, the quality of all of them is not good. So most of the time those who do not know the correct information about them are facing problems. But today we will tell you about 20 wonderful resorts near Dhaka. Where you can spend time with your family and friends at a very low cost. So let’s know the list of best resorts near Dhaka below.


Bhawal Resort

The Bhawal resort is a graceful and stylish one-word superb place to make the holiday enjoyable. Here you can get a wonderful environment because of the modern and unique elements.

To go here you need to go to the sleeper in Gazipur, Dhaka. It is 39 km from Dhaka airport. There you can see 61 small simple houses which are called cottages or shacks and also a children’s play zone. This is a perfect resort for you and your family.

The approximate cost is given below as a table.


Bhawal Resort and Spa Resort


Bhawal Resort Details

One-Bedroom Villa12,000 Taka.
One Bedroom Suite16,000 Taka.
Two Bedroom Villa24,000 Taka.
Address Sreepur, Gargoria, Masterbari Road, Boruipara, Vill Noljani, Gazipur, Dhaka 1740.


Rajendra Eco Resort

Rajendra eco-resort and village situated in Gazipur district. it is one of the biggest resorts in Bangladesh. The structure of this resort includes 57 shacks and 100 rooms.

Here you can get a swimming pool, farmhouse, BBQ facilities, children’s play zone, and mosque also. At the same time, you get some special facilities that make your moment enjoyable. I hope if you visit Rajendra Eco Resort & Village at least you can pass your holiday time peacefully with your family.

Let’s know the approximate cost of this resort.


Rajendra Eco Resort


Rajendra Eco Resort Details

Mud House4,000 Taka.
Premium Room6,000 Taka.
Honeymoon Cottage8,000 Taka.
Deluxe Suite8,000 Taka.
AddressMymensingh Highway, Mahona, Bhabanipur 1740.


Sarah Resort

Sarah Resort is a great resort that is up with expensive materials everywhere in this area. This is the mordent and stylist resort for mind-stricken couples, family, friends, and others. If you want to go there you need to go to Rajarbari in Gazipur. Here you a get luxurious shack with outstanding home decoration. Sarah Resort is the perfect resort for you.

About the cost of Sarah Resort.


Sarah Resort


Sarah Resort Details

Premium Villa12,500 Taka.
Raja View Tower7,590 Taka.
Water Lodge10,500 Taka.
Ancient Mud House8,000 Taka.
Presidential Villa60,000 Taka.
AddressRajabari, Gazipur, Dhaka


Neel Komol Resort

If you found a silent and smooth environmental resort. Then Neel Komol resort is best for you. It is situated at a low distance from Dhaka. Here there is a nice large pond where you can go boating and riding. There is also green land and a garden.
If you want to play you can do so. There you can get a restaurant with various items of food and the food quality is 100% quality and you get it within a cheap budget.

Free from uneventful life you can go to the Neel Komol resort. The approximate cost is given below by box.


Neel Komol Resort


Neel Komol Resort Details

Per day1,400 Taka (per person)
AddressRatanpur, Gazipur, Dhaka.


Dhaka Resort

Dhaka Resort is one of the most famous resorts in Bangladesh. It is famous for the forest rain and Bhawal Ghor. The beauty of this resort is undescribed. The Dhaka resort decoration is uncommon and it is a large area.

 It is also in Gazipur, Dhaka. Here also you get huge Shalbon trees, a historical pond, a kid’s play zone, and you can catch fish in the pond, and special facilities for indoor games. Overall facilities, the Dhaka resort is the best.

If you found a peaceful resort, the Dhaka resort is great for you, where you can spend your time joyfully with your family. For your better understanding, the minimum budget is given below.


Dhaka Resort


Dhaka Resort Details

Royal Cottage20,240 Taka.
Royal Picnic Zone1,26,500 Taka.
Family Picnic Zone63,250 Taka.
Deluxe Room7,590 Taka.
Family Cottage18,975 Taka.
Bamboo Cottage15,180 Taka.
Executive Cottage12,650 Taka.
AddressBandhabari, Kaliakair, 111 Gazipur.


Jamuna Resort

Jamuna Resort is a model resort. Foreigners also like the decoration and environment of this Jamuna resort. Because the decorations are too gorgeous and the environment is too quiet.

The resort is built up also with familial and romantic weather combinations. The resort is situated beside the Jamuna Bridge. If you go to the resort you can see the Jamuna River at the same time. If you go to Jamuna resort you can spend your holiday in amusement. Approximately costs are given by box.


Jamuna Resort


Jamuna Resort Details

Deluxe Room5,250 Taka.
Imperial Suite10,000 Taka.
Executive Suite6,800 Taka.
Royal Suite9,000 Taka.
AddressJamuna Bridge Approach road, Elenga 1900, Dhaka.


Padma Resort

Padma Resort is a wonderful resort with a large area. If you pass your time shockingly on your treadmill, it is a great resort for you to get rid of your busy life. From Dhaka, you need about 1.30 hours to reach the resort.

You can see the resort in front of Padma River. You can get there, ride a boat, restaurants, outdoor and indoor game spaces, and also duplex cottages. If you want to enjoy the beauty of this resort you need to go to Padma Resort. The approximate costs are given below.


Padma Resort


Padma Resort Details

Per day2300- 3500 Taka.
Address380 Road No: 280, Munshiganj
Phone01752987688, 01726306516.


Third Terrace Resort

If you have a short vacation and want to make a family tour near Dhaka the third terrace resort is proper for you. it is built in Gazipur. There are only two cottages, that’s why the environment is too cool and quiet. One name of the cottage is ‘Wildwoods’ and another name of the cottage is ‘Windsong’.

There is a beautiful garden. If you want to go there you need to know about the cost. The approximate costing are,


Third Terrace Resort


Third Terrace Resort Details

Per day3500-4000 Taka.
Single room63,250 Taka.
AddressMia Bari Sarak, Gojariapara, Rajendrapur, Gazipur, Dhaka.
Email[email protected]


Mawa Resort

If you like to eat fish from the river the Mawa resort is the right place for you. Here you can play football and cricket, in a nicely decorated cottage and a restaurant. The restaurant has many kinds of fish within your budget you can eat as you wish.

The distance from Dhaka to Mawa Resort is 38 kilometers. It is situated on an old Feri Ghat. Do you want to know the approximate cost of the resort? Scroll below:


Mawa Resort


Mawa Resort Details

Economy Room3000 Taka per day.
Executive Room3500 Taka per day.
Deluxe Room4000 Taka per day.
Suite Cottage10000 Taka per day.
AddressKandipara Road, Puraton Feri Ghat, Mawa Louhajong, Munshigonj.
Phone01711057947, 01755592585.


Green View Resort

The Green View resort is not only green but also has a combination of the family bungalow, picnic spots, BBQ facilities, swimming pool, restaurant, fountain, Children’s Park, billiard room, etc.

It is one of the most famous resorts in Dhaka, for its uncommon decoration and many kinds of special facilities. Here you can get a little zoo, there are many kinds of birds and deer.

After all, I will suggest that you visit the resort with your family. Because you can enjoy many things from this one resort within your budget. The approximate cost is given below:


Green View Resort


Green View Resort Details

Eagle’s Den Family Bungalow25,000 Taka.
Super Deluxe Family10,500 Taka.
Premium Suite18,000 Taka.
AddressMoinertek, Uttarkhan, Dhaka-1230.


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Dream Square Resort

If you want a luxurious and enthralling environment you should go to Dream Square Resort. The decoration of this resort is too natural. You can take a long breath by standing in the environment.

Here you get various kinds of rooms with tremendous decoration with expensive materials. Such as superior rooms, standard rooms, Deluxe rooms, executive rooms, and others. From the different rooms, you can select where you want to stay. For that, I need to know the cost of each room. To know the cost scroll below:


Dream Square Resort


Dream Square Resort Details

Executive Room10,000 Taka.
Superior Room35,000 Taka.
Deluxe Room Triple Bed8,500 Taka.
Premium Room8,000 Taka.
Deluxe Room Queen Size5,500 Taka.
Standard Room5,500 Taka.
AddressChalkpara, Medical, Mauna, Gazipur
Phone01755603310, 01755603311.


Spring Valley Resort

Do you want to see a natural beauty and have a short time? To make a short tour with family you should go to the Spring Valley Resort. It is situated at Gazipur behind the resort you can see an uncommon zoo. The name of this zoo is ‘Guwahati Zoo’. There is also a café, bar, spa center, playground, and an outstanding decorated room. The beauty of the Spring Valley Resort is mind-blowing.


Spring Valley Resort


Spring Valley Resort Details

Per day1,500 Taka.
Standard Room3,500 Taka.
Couple Deluxe4,500 Taka.
Family Deluxe5,500 Taka
AddressTeck, Kathora Road, Moishanbari, Salna, Guzipur, Dhaka 1703


Reverie Holiday Resort

The reverie holiday resort is a different type of resort from Eco-Tourism. From this resort, you gain a remarkable experience with your holidays. The decoration of this resort is just excellent. There is a Green atmosphere, a garden of fruits and flowers, facilities for tenting, a picnic spot, a modern bungalow, a BBQ party, and many other facilities.

If you need a break from your busy life and want to spend some time enjoying yourself, you can go to the Reverie Holiday Resort. Approximate costing list:


Reverie Holiday Resort


Reverie Holiday Resort Details

Family Room63,250 Taka.
Double Standard3500 Taka.
AddressTeck Kathora, Moishanbari, Salna, Gazipur 1703, Dhaka.


Arshinagar Holiday Resort

The decoration of the Arshinagar Holiday Resort is covered in green nature. The area is not so large but the structure of this place is awesome, you can enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset by sitting in front of the cottage.

There is a VIP restaurant, a large swimming pool, well parking area, and strong security. So if you want to feel the beauty of this resort you can visit the Arshinagar Holiday Resort.


Arshinagar Holiday Resort


Arshinagar Holiday Resort Details

Whole AC Bungalow:17,710 Taka.
Super Deluxe8,855 Taka.
Deluxe AC Room7,590 Taka.
Royal Executive6,958 Taka.
Bamboo Cottage3,795 Taka.
AddressPatuali, Shimultoli Road, Joydebpur, Gazipur, Dhaka.


Nokkhottrobari Resort

Nokkhottrobari Resort is also a wonderful resort. It is very attractive and traditional with gorgeous decorations. Where you can find a mind-blowing environment for passing your holiday time.

The area of this resort is about 14 bighas of land and has a fine decoration cottage. You can go there with friends and family members. Costing is given here:


Nokkhottrobari Resort


Nokkhottrobari Resort Details

Per day8,500 Taka.
Water Bungalow Cottage11,000 Taka.
AddressRajabari Bazar Road, Sreepur, Gazipur, Dhaka.
Phone+88 01772224281, 01772224282.


Chuti Resort and Picnic Spot

Chute Resort and picnic spot is a proper place where you can spend your holiday time feasting with family members and friends. From Gazipur it is 3 kilometers away and it stands with 54 acres of land.

There is a lake, cottage, birdhouse, kid’s zone, and traditional food that makes your moment beautiful. About approximate costing.


Chuti Resort


Chuti Resort Details

Per day1200-10000 Taka.
For picnic90,000 Taka.
AddressSukundi, Amtoli, Joydebpur, Dhaka.


Sohag Palli Resort

If you want a silent environment with a garden, lake, and some things. But if you want to eat many kinds of food in a restaurant within a cheap budget, such as Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Bengali you can go to the Sohag Palli and park resort.

It is built at Kalampur, Gazipur with 10 acres of land. The approximate costing is given below:


Sohag Palli Resort


Sohag Palli Details

Par day3,000- 11,000 Taka.
AddressKalampur, Chandra, Kaliakoir, Gazipur.
AddressKalampur, Chandra, Kaliakoir, Gazipur.


Seagull Resort

Seagull is a luxurious resort with gorgeous decorations. Here you can find natural beauty and 5-star facilities. The resort is also in Gazipur. If you go to the seagull resort one time, you will be satisfied with their facilities.

 There are birdhouses, flower gardens, a child play zone, a beautiful lake, and a smooth environment. Here you can have a great time on your holiday. The costing approximately:


Seagull Resort


Seagull Resort Details

Per day3000-10,000 Taka.
For picnic80,000-1,00,000 Taka.
AddressMawna, Sreepur, Gazipur, Dhaka.
Phone01766666535, +88 024 8322778-9.


Rangamati Waterfront Resort

Although the name of this resort is Rangamati Waterfront Resort, you cannot see any hills here. This is the beauty of the flower garden and waterfront.

Here you get a luxurious guest room with about 53 rooms, a duplex pool, a luxurious fountain, and many lakes. Overall the area of this resort is 60 acres. You refresh your mind to go to the resort. For your favor, approximate costs are given here also.


Rangamati Waterfront Resort


Rangamati Waterfront Resort Details

Royal Picnic Zone7000-12000 Taka.
Family Picnic Zone80,000-1, 00,000 Taka.
AddressSinoboho Bazaar, Kaliakoir, Shafipur, Gazipur.
Phone+88 01811414074, +88 01811414080, +88 01811414081.


Turag Waterfront Resort

If you spend your free time in an elegant, tidy, and polished place, you should go to the Turag Waterfront Resort. I hope you can see the name. Yes, you are right, the resort stands by the bank of the Turag River.

Here you can get all facilities which commonly have a resort such, as a fantastic decoration cottage, food and flower garden, a playground for adults and children, etc. You can visit here with your family. Minimum costing is:


Turag Waterfront Resort


Turag Waterfront Resort Details

Poolside Standard Double Room7,000 Taka.
Standard Bed6,000 Taka.
Wooden Cottage16,000 Taka.
For Picnic30,000 Taka.
AddressMouchak- Fulbari Road, Chabagan Bazar, Kaliakair, Gazipur, Dhaka.
Phone01730863933, 01730863934.


Ananda Park and Resort

Ananda Park and Resort is an unrivaled and unique place. There you can enjoy the rainforest. The decoration of this resort is standard and gorgeous. For that every day many people come here to spend their leisure time with their families.

All the facilities are very outstanding. If you want to go the Ananda Park and Resort you need to know the approximate cost per day, For your concern, here I provide the approximate cost.


Ananda Park and Resort


Ananda Park and Resort Details

Per day3000-10,000 Taka.
For picnic70,000- 1,00,000 Taka.
AddressTaltoli, Shafipur, Dhaka.


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After all, every person sometimes needs a break from the groove. Because the human body isn’t a machine, it needs rest and refreshment. On the other hand, the mind is the powerhouse of energy. If your mind is not so good you cannot work properly, for better work you need a refreshed mind.

On the other hand, this blog also provides the resort contract number and website link. From here you can know details about the resort and if you want to know more. And if you refresh your mind you need a quiet environment. Here I provide some great places, locations, and detailed information about the best resort near Dhaka for couples, families, and days out. Where you can go to spend your off day times with joy.

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