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Top 10 Best Travel Agency in Bangladesh 2023

Travel Agency Bangladesh

Travel Agency Bangladesh

Want to know about the top 10 travel agencies in Bangladesh? If you agree then the entire registration is yours. Here we will discuss all the details of the best travel agencies in Dhaka, Bangladesh so far. With this comprehensive discussion, you can select the best quality travel service provider.

Several travel agencies have been created for ages to provide the best service to the people who love to travel in Bangladesh. In continuation of this, there are countless large travel agencies all over the country including the capital Dhaka. But which one is the best for you among these numerous travel service providers?

Most common travelers do not know the exact information about it. So we want to assist you with the right information head so that you can select a travel agency that will help you in planning your tour.

In this case, we will publish the list of the best travel agencies of the present time as well as discuss the complete information about their main services. As a result, common travelers can make their travel plans through customized services.

Best Travel Agency in Bangladesh

The 10 travel agencies that we have discussed below are currently considered to be the largest and best in Bangladesh. Each organization has been providing travel services to various domestic and international destinations in Bangladesh for a long time. As a result, the quality of their services is highly desirable and acceptable to the people of Bangladesh.

When choosing a travel agency, be aware of their list of services. In this way, common travelers can know what kind of services the travel company is offering and what is their quality. So we will tell you about their services while describing each agency.

You can enjoy all important services including air ticket booking, hotel reservation, tour visa processing, travel guide, and tour package from the best travel agencies of Bangladesh mentioned below. You will also be glad to know that every Bangladeshi travel agency on this list is a member of TAMS, ATAB, and IATA. So you can safely take your required travel-related services from any of them.

Every travel agency in the list we have prepared is highly detailed and considered to be the best. So now let’s know in detail about the 10 best travel agencies in Bangladesh.

Contact for Buying Air Tickets

01713-289170 (WhatsApp)



Bangladeshi Top 10 Travel Agency List

Each of the travel agencies mentioned below caters to both B2B and B2C customers. So whatever type of travel service you want every travel company can assist you. Apart from this, another happy thing is that every travel agency on the list is mainly an online service.

As a result, you can safely take the travel services suitable for you from their official website sitting at home. Each travel agency has offices in different districts of Bangladesh including Dhaka. By doing this, you can directly communicate with the representatives of travel agencies from any part of Bangladesh.

So let’s take a look at the top 10 travel agency list.

goFLY Limited

goFLY Limited

goFLY Limited is one of the leading online and offline travel agency services in Bangladesh. From their office located in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, they have been leading travel services throughout the country for a long time. Among all the emerging travel agency companies in Bangladesh, the name of the first place is goFLY Limited.

They cover all the types of services a traveler needs to complete their domestic or international travel. As a result, in a very short period of time, they have been able to rank as the best travel agency for the common people of Bangladesh. By contacting them you can avail of all travel-related services at home.

Because they have an online travel service management team and website. From there you can know about various important services including air ticketing, tourist visa processing, hotel reservation, and tour packages. Along with this, you can know about the latest travel news and updates on their social media profiles.

They have formed an expert customer service team to lead direct customer service. As a result, you can directly contact their representatives and receive any service by making a call  (01713-289171) from your phone.

Apart from that they have a live support team specializing in B2B services. Where small travel agency companies get round-the-clock service. For these reasons, goFLY Limited is known as one of the best-reputed travel agencies in Dhaka, Bangladesh at present.

goFLY Limited Services

You will get all the tour and travel-related services from goFLY Limited. They have separate teams for each sector to provide the best service to customers. So you can contact them for any tour and travel-related services from Bangladesh. Below is an at-a-glance overview of each of their major services so that you can get to know them in more detail.

Air Ticket BookingAir Ticket Date ChangeTourist Visa Processing
Tour GuideTour PackagesUmrah Hajj Package
Travel InsuranceHotel ReservationCruise Lines
Helicopter RentTravel AdviceB2B Agent Service

goFLY Limited Contact Information

You can contact goFLY representatives by calling directly or by visiting their office. Apart from being the best quality travel agency they have round-the-clock hotline numbers. Where ordinary travelers can get any information related to their travel completely free by calling.

Mobile Number01713-289170; 01713-289171; 01713-289172; 01713-289176; 01713-289177; 01713-289178
Office Address1/1 Shukrabad, Dhaka, 1207, Bangladesh (Beside New Model Degree College Opposite Metro Shopping Mall)
Office Time10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Working DaysSaturday – Thursday
E-mail Address[email protected]
Official Websitehttps://gofly.com.bd/
Social MediaWhatsApp | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

ATAB Travel Agency

ATAB Travel Agency

ATAB is one of the dominant travel agencies in Bangladesh. They have been leading the travel services since the independence of Bangladesh till now with a reputation. In continuation of this, they are known in Bangladesh as the leading company in continuous travel services.

After the autonomy of 1971, Bangladesh’s prominent trip experts started joining under one umbrella to protect their rights and benefits and form a platform for more prominent encouragement of the movement’s organization to guarantee a sound development campaign.

Then again, they were interested enough to form an association between them and better understand. Initiation of the stage began in 1974 and 1975, and the results continue to perform.

All the Government Registered Travel Agents in Bangladesh are members of ATAB. Apart from leading travel services, they are also known as tourism training institutes. In this way, the general tour operators mainly train the agents from their companies.

ATAB Contact Information

Telephone Number+880 2 48320728; +880 2 58315595; +880 2 8332712; 0258314284
Office AddressSattara Center (15th Floor), 30/A Naya Paltan, VIP Road, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
E-mail Address[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
Official Websitehttps://www.atab.org.bd/
Social MediaFacebook | Twitter | LinkeDin



Dynamic Travels is an IATA-certified travel agent. This is one of the leading travel management companies in Bangladesh. They offer you the opportunity to travel for free on various topics, all things considered, and for everyone and with the progress of the travel business.

It is controlled by a team of experienced youth experts who are fully aware of cutting-edge movement types. You will get all types of travel-related services from them. So if you are looking for the best man full travel agency for Bangladesh then definitely contact them.

DYNAMIC Travels Services

They have been working for a long time with the goal of uninterrupted travel services. Currently, they are operating travel services from different parts of Bangladesh. The following table informs about all the services that a common traveler can avail from them.

Air Ticket BookingTourist Visa ProcessingTour Guide
Tour PackagesTravel InsuranceHotel Reservation
B2B Agent ServiceBus TicketsTrain Tickets

DYNAMIC Travels Contact Information

To speak directly with DYNAMIC Travels representatives, contact the channels below. Here is their contact number, mail, social media, and website information.

Telephone Number+8802222274217; +8802 222276022 – 23
Office AddressBashati Horizon, 7th Floor, APT # A-7, Plot #21, Road #17, Block # C, Banani C/A, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh.
E-mail Address[email protected]
Official Websitehttps://dynamic.com.bd/
Social MediaFacebook

ShareTrip Limited

ShareTrip Limited

ShareTrip Limited is another preferred travel agency service provider for Bangladeshi travelers. For a long time, it has become a highly preferred organization by leading the best quality travel services. They are known as the best low-cost tour operators in Bangladesh. You can safely take all types of travel services from them.

It is a trusted and authorized travel agency. This travel agency is the only World Travel Awards winner in Bangladesh. They offer major offers on air ticketing, tour packages, and hotel booking services at various times. In this way, passengers can subscribe to all kinds of services from them very easily.

So if you are looking for one of the best Man Complete Travel Agencies then this is for you.

ShareTrip Limited Services

Air Ticket BookingTourist Visa ProcessingTour Packages
Tour GuideHotel ReservationTravel Insurance
B2B Agent ServiceTravel Advice

ShareTrip Limited Contact Information

You can contact ShareTrip representatives through their social media, contact numbers, website or direct office visit. Below we are sharing with you all its several mediums.

Telephone Number+8809617617617
Front Office AddressRangs Pearl Tower, 4th Floor, House no. 76, Road 12, Block E, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh.
Corporate OfficeJCX Business Tower, 3rd & 6th Floor, Plot – 1136/A, Block – I, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh.
E-mail Address[email protected]
Official Websitehttps://www.sharetrip.net/
Social MediaFacebook | Twitter | LinkeDin

International Travel Corporation

International Travel Corporation

ITC was established in 1990. In three years, it has become a quality travel agent. This is confirmed by the number of testimonials received from reputed companies like British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Thai International. ITC has been ranked among the top ten agents with reputed airlines for the last ten years.

This travel agency is an organization accredited by various authorities including ATAB, IATA, and TOAB. At present, they are providing services to Bangladesh’s leading travel service providers. So you can take any travel service from them with confidence.

International Travel Corporation Services

They provide all services related to regular travel to various places in the country and abroad. Since 1990 they have been spreading their light in the tour and travel industry of Bangladesh by leading their proper service.

Air Ticket BookingTourist Visa ProcessingTour Packages
Tour GuideTravel InsuranceLogistic Support

International Travel Corporation Contact Information

To directly communicate with their head office representatives, speak to the below contact information. Here are their website, phone numbers, fax, and mail.

Telephone Number(02) 222 264445; (02) 222 282645; (02) 222 262788
Fax+88 02 9849521
Office Address12 – 14 Gulshan north C/A. Gulshan – 02, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
E-mail Address[email protected]
Official Websitehttps://itc-bd.com/



Not only in Bangladesh but also now GoZayaan International is known as a reputable travel agency. You will get the lowest price air ticketing arrangement from them. There are also the best tour packages for visiting various popular places. If you want, you can also book hotels from their website.

As a result, you can easily subscribe to all the services required for your trip through an agency. Those looking for B2B agent services to start a small travel business can avail of this service from GoZayaan. Their customer representatives are supported by round-the-clock service heads.

So if you want to take travel planning services from a specialized travel agency then you can definitely contact them.

GoZayaan Services

Check out the chart below to know GoZayaan’s main services for Bangladeshi customers at a glance. Because we have disclosed below every major service from their organization.

Air Ticket BookingTourist Visa ProcessingTour Packages
Tour GuideTravel InsuranceHotel Booking

GoZayaan Contact Information

For any requirements contact GoZayaan representatives now at the below number or by email.

Telephone Number+88 09678 332211
E-mail Address[email protected]
Official Websitehttps://www.gozayaan.com/
Social MediaFacebook

Flight Expert

Flight Expert

FlightExpert is one of the most popular and best travel agencies for booking domestic and international flights from Bangladesh. Since 2017 till now they are a preferred name among common travelers. So far Ekadik has won an award from Bangladesh Travel Association for their unparalleled best quality service.

They are always ready to provide any travel service. From their official website, you can easily book flights from home and avail of any services. An important thing to say is that this travel agency is providing services by setting up offices in different districts of Bangladesh.

So you don’t have to struggle much to get the desired service. If you want, you can contact any flight specialist’s office and get all the travel services.

Flight Expert Services

As you can understand from the name of the agency, they are experts in flight booking services. However, in addition to this, they provide several other services, check them from the table.

Air Ticket BookingTourist Visa ProcessingTour Packages
Tour GuideTravel InsuranceHotel Booking

Flight Expert Contact Information

You can contact Flight Expert representatives at any time by calling and by mail. You can also do this by directly traveling to their office in Mirpur, Dhaka.

Telephone Number+88-09617-111-888
Office Address90/1 Motijheel City Centre Level 25-B-1, Lift 26 Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.
E-mail Address[email protected]
Official Websitehttps://flightexpert.com/
Social MediaFacebook | Twitter | LinkeDin

Heritage Air Express Ltd.

Heritage Air Express Ltd

Heritage Air Express Limited is one of the leading IATA-accredited trip specialists in Bangladesh. The company was established in 1999 with excellent administration abroad like neighboring travelers. They are the leading association working on behalf of five different organizations in three central regions to organize extensive travel in metropolitan areas.

They are currently on the favorites list of most Bangladeshi travelers for their exceptional travel services. From them, you can get all types of services related to air travel at affordable prices.

Heritage Air Express Ltd Services

Heritage Air Express Ltd can avail of all travel-related services from Bangladesh. From their airline ticketing services to tourist visas, Soho has everything to offer.

Air Ticket BookingTourist Visa ProcessingTour Guide
Tour PackagesTravel InsuranceHajj Package

Heritage Air Express Ltd Contact Information

Telephone Number+88-09612-112233
Office AddressGlobe Chamber (1st Floor), 104, Motijheel Commercial Area Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
E-mail Address[email protected]
Official Websitehttp://heritageairexpress.com/
Social MediaFacebook

Talon Corporation Ltd.

Talon Corporation Ltd.

TALON Corporation is another best quality complete travel agency service provider located in Gulshan, Dhaka. They have their own online air ticketing platform from where you can book your tickets directly. By contacting them at their office, you can take assistance in all matters related to your tour planning.

So far this company has received more than 10 awards from various airlines and reputed travel organizations. Their excellent customer support service is always appreciated. So it is a great company for any tour and travel service.

Talon Corporation Ltd Services

You can avail of all the travel-based services you need to travel within the country or abroad. Each service of the trade is disclosed below through a list.

Air Ticket BookingTourist Visa ProcessingTour Guide
Tour PackagesHotel BookingHajj Package
Foreign Dollar EndorsementAirport Meet & GreetTravel Insurance

Talon Corporation Ltd Contact Information

Check out the contact information to get any travel-related information or services from them. Here we have presented each piece of information separately keeping in mind your convenience.

Telephone Number+88 02488 11861
Office AddressHouse # 11/B (4th Floor), Road No 130 Gulshan-1, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
E-mail Address[email protected]
Office Hour9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Working DaysSaturday – Thursday
Official Websitehttps://www.talon.com.bd/
Social MediaFacebook | LinkedIn

Galaxy Travel International

Galaxy Travel International

Galaxy Travel International is another one of the best travel agencies on our list. As a result of their growing travel services, they have been doing well in Bangladesh for a long time. This travel agency is recommended as a suitable travel agency for you.

Because they can provide you with services like flight booking, hotel booking, and visa processing from Bangladesh to various destinations around the world. This way you don’t have to go to different travel agencies for different services. Which will help to play a very effective role in preparing your travel plan.

Galaxy Travel International Services

All the services that you will get from this travel agency are presented below in table form.

Air Ticket BookingTour PackagesTour Guide
Tour PackagesMedical TourismTravel Insurance

Galaxy Travel International Contact Information

Telephone Number02222-262238
Office Address02nd Floor, Taj Cassilina, 25 Gulshan Ave, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
E-mail Address[email protected]
Official Websitehttps://www.galaxybd.com/
Social MediaFacebook

Travel Agency Services in Bangladesh

You might be wondering what kind of travel services I as a traveler can get from the above-mentioned travel agencies. A simple and effective answer is that you can enjoy all kinds of services for your trip from the above-mentioned travel agencies. From planning your tour to ticketing and complete guide services, you can avail of everything from a travel agency. Notable among them are,

  • Air Ticket Booking
  • Tourist Visa Processing
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Tour Packages
  • Tour Guide
  • Hajj Package
  • Travel Insurance
  • B2B Agent Service

So let’s know about each service in brief.

Travel Agency Services in Bangladesh

Air Ticket Booking

If you want to book an air ticket to travel from Bangladesh to any part of the world, a travel agency will assist you. From these top 10 travel agencies located in Bangladesh, you can easily book air tickets according to your destination at affordable prices. By doing this you can book flights to any destination without any hassle in a very short time with their help.

Tourist Visa Processing

If you want to travel to another country outside of your country for family or business, you will need a visa to travel to that country. But usually processing tourist visas on our own is a bit difficult due to our various commitments. But if you do this in association with a reputable travel agency, you can easily complete the tourist visa processing without wasting any time.

Hotel Reservation

After visiting a place it is necessary to book a hotel to spend some time there. Which you can do through a travel agency if you want. By doing this they will always provide the best quality hotel booking services as per your requirements. This is definitely very happy news for you as a traveler.

Tour Packages

Planning a vacation with your family or friends? But for various engagements, you can’t choose the right place to go. Then you should definitely take advice from a travel agency. Because by doing this you can travel with your family through the best holiday packages at an affordable price. Because travel agencies provide many types of attractive holiday tour packages every year.

Tour Guide

Those who want to hire a guide as a companion while traveling to a place can do so through travel agencies. Every travel agency provides the services of tour guides in different regions of the country and abroad to provide the best travel services to visitors. Who will accompany you and help you tour every sightseeing spot with utmost care?

Hajj Package

Travel agencies plan tours for those who want to take a package from Bangladesh to Saudi Arabia for Umrah Hajj. In this way, you can easily travel for the purpose of Hajj without any hassles from Bangladesh with the help of travel agencies. As a result, the number of Haj pilgrims from Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Travel agencies prepare various Hajj packages for all travelers at very affordable prices.

Travel Insurance

It is recommended for every traveler get travel insurance before traveling abroad. This step is taken to ensure proper safety for traveling. So if you want you can get travel insurance for your foreign trip through a travel agency.

B2B Agent Service

For those who want to run a small-scale travel business, the above-mentioned travel agencies run B2B agent services. By becoming a business partner of all these travel agencies, it is possible to subsidize all the travel services at an affordable price. By doing this, small agencies can provide all the services they need from travel agents including air ticketing, tour plans, and visas to common travelers.

So for the above-discussed matters, you must take the desired services from the best travel agencies located in Bangladesh. By this, you can save your precious time and effort.

How to Select the Best Travel Agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

Individuals decide to book their flight tickets from travel agencies since they will make their outing smoother and set aside their time and cash. Request an agency that is powerful for planning your tour, including different agencies to the objective. The best will assist you with getting sorted out the excursion with the full subtleties of the outing.

They will even give modest flight tickets to travelers. They have some expertise in finding the best clients to get the best assistance at the best cost. Travel agencies will offer you an assortment of bundles and administrations, so it relies upon your schedule.

A few organizations provide local objections. For instance, on the off chance that you go to Bangladesh to assemble an airplane from the United States, goFLY Limited is the best travel agency. However, for some other courses, you will locate a couple of agencies that coordinate your desires.

Also, you can check client surveys to locate the best travel agency for your outing. You can look at it in Google Review and discover the best one for you. In the wake of perusing client surveys, you can undoubtedly choose which organization to pick.

Do Your Own Research

Get web scores for reputable companies with great reviews. There are several organizations and gatherings through online media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. to get guidance. Ask your loved ones too. If they have enough experience working with a travel agency, you will probably get a chance.

Check Certifications and Awards

The best quality travel agencies have always received national awards from time to time. Awards and certificates are usually received as a result of their outstanding service. This feature helps to set the best agency apart from other travel agencies.

So before choosing any travel agency, try to know about their licenses, awards, and certificates. To know about this you can visit the website and social media of the travel agency. Every travel agency there shares its achievements and successes.

Monitor Online Activity

At present, every organization is mainly a travel agency that provides online services. So you need to check their online activity before availing of a service from any Kati travel agency. By doing this you will know more details about their serviceman and reliability. Because good quality travel agencies constantly share their services with everyone through websites or various social media.

Check the Agency’s Customer Support

If you want to select the best travel agency in Bangladesh then you must check the quality of their customer service. Try to find out if the agency’s representatives are in regular contact with their customers. Because if you want to contact them for any information during the travel, then you can get a response in a very quick time. By doing this you can complete your journey very easily.

Check Google Reviews

If you search on Google by writing the name of the travel agency from which you want to take service, you can see their local listing. From there you can get an idea about the company after the reviews of all their customers so far. By doing this, you can know the details about the service type and quality of the travel agency.

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You have already come to know about the above-mentioned top 10 travel agencies in Bangladesh. So now you can plan your tour by selecting any of the best quality travel agencies on your own. However, we have researched and listed each travel agency published here. So you should check carefully before taking direct service from any travel agency.

By doing this, you can subscribe to better man-friendly travel services. We have shared the contact information of each travel agency so that you can easily contact them. We want your next idol to be joyful and beautiful. But as a conscious traveler, our complete registration will assist you in choosing a travel agency.

If you want to know any more detailed information about the subject or want to share your tour plan with us then you can do it by commenting below.

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