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Top 10 Best Travel Agency in Bangladesh For Traveling

Travel Agency Bangladesh

Today in this post I will share with you all about the best travel agency in Bangladesh for travel. So, now I am giving you the top 10 best travel agencies in Bangladesh. With them, you will be able to travel anywhere in Bangladesh and even to other countries. If you want to hire us to contact us for safe and comfortable travel with friends or family.


Travel Agency History in Bangladesh

After the independence of 1971, the first generation of travel agents in Bangladesh began to feel united under one umbrella to create a platform for the wider interests of travel agencies to protect their rights and privileges and ensure the health of travel and tourism. Sector. On the other hand, they were more interested in developing fellowship and better understanding among them. The platform was launched in 1974 and 1975 and continues to achieve results.

With these goals and objectives in mind, the first meeting of the Travel Agents of Bangladesh was held on 22nd October 1976. The next meeting was held on 11th December 1976 at 6:00 pm at the Dhaka club to form an association called “IATA Travel Agents Association”. Mr. M.A. Talib and Mr. A.N.B. Karim were elected founder-president and founder-general secretary of the newly formed association respectively. The other founding members are Mr. Md. Sarum Ali, Mr. S. Huda, Mr. M.M. Haque, Mr. S. Rahman, Mr. A. Salam Khan, and Mr. Masudul Haque.

The first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of this unregistered association was held on 10th April 1978 at the Bangkok and the second AGM was held on 29 June 1979 at the 29th Dhaka club. The issue of the historic amendment to the constitution of the organization was adopted in the Second AGM, abbreviated as “ATAB” and “Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh”.


First Convening Committee of the “IATA Travel Agent’s Association” were as follows:

Travel Agency Dhaka

On 18th December 1979, the convening committee received a “license” from the Ministry of Commerce under section 3(2)C of the Trade Organization Ordinance, 1961 to form and “formalize” the proposed association under Section 26 of the Companies Act, 1943.


Presidents and Secretary Generals of ATAB & their tenure:
List of the President
Top Travel Agency Bangladesh


List of the Secretary-General
Travel Agency Dhaka


Best Travel Agency in Bangladesh

1. goFLY Limited – goFLY Limited (01713-289177) is a famous and popular travel agency in Bangladesh. You can service from them for any type of tour. Also, this site provides you with air ticket booking and hotel booking services.

2. ATAB Travel Agency – After the autonomy of 1971, the main trip experts of Bangladesh started the feeling of joining under one umbrella to protect their rights and benefits and to form a platform for more prominent encouragement of the movement’s organization with the guarantee of sound development of the movement. Part of the travel industry. Then again they were interested enough to form an association between them and better understand. Initiation of the stage began in 1974 and 1975 and the results continue to perform.

3. DYNAMIC Travels – Dynamic Travels is an IATA Certified Travel Agent, one of the leading travel management companies in Bangladesh, offering you the opportunity to travel for free on a variety of topics, all things considered, and for everyone and with the progress of the travel business. It is controlled by a team of experienced youth experts who are fully aware of the types of cutting edge movement and it works to stay involved in the airline and travel agency business for a long time.

4. International Travel Corporation – ITC was established in 1990 and in a span of three years it has become a quality agent, which is confirmed by the number of testimonials received from reputed companies like British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Thai International. ITC has been ranked among the top ten agents with reputed airlines for the last ten years.

5. HERITAGE AIR EXPRESS – Heritage Air Express Limited is one of the leading IATA accredited trip specialists in Bangladesh. The company was established in 1999 with excellent administration abroad like neighboring travelers. We are the main association that works to organize a wide range of movements in the metropolitan area on behalf of five different organizations from three main regions.

6. Talon Corporation – In return for the movement, the movement should be the most efficient and the most efficient expert body in the business of Bangladesh using the submitted manpower. Continuous improvement of information through preparation and progress. Undertake activities using innovative advances. There are great correspondences with airplanes.

7. GALAXY TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL – Galaxy Travel International was established in 1972, one of the oldest travel agency in Bangladesh. We emphasize creativity, cost-efficiency, and excellence in designing, planning, and implementing outstanding group & FIT travel, corporate meetings, incentives, and special events.

8. HORIZON EXPRESS LTD – Horizon Express Limited is an IATA and ATAB approved company that offers a wide range of movement-related administration and coordination to support different business and individual customers in Bangladesh. The Horizon Express was built in 1997 and became a quality travel expert within its limited time-viewing ability, justified by the number of acclaim announcements it received from reputable airlines such as Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and Thai Airways.

9. Honeymoon Tours & Travels – You can visit this site to make your honeymoon better. This is another site for travel services.

10. Jinghua Bangla Tours & Travels Ltd – Jingua Bangla Tours and Travels gives you some services to travel to Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and other popular tourist sports.


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