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Nepal Visa From Bangladesh

Learn what to do to get a Nepal visa from Bangladesh, how much it costs, where to apply, and what it takes. A country in South Asia with a population of approximately 30 million, Nepal has an area of roughly 147,181 square kilometers. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and its largest urban center. As a result of sharing regional borders with India and China, Nepal has a lot of travel destinations.

Every year, thousands of Bengali citizens travel legally to Nepal with different visa types. Nepal is a place of festivals where one part of the state or the other celebrates many festivals at different times of the day every year. Bangladeshi citizens can get several types of visas for traveling to Nepal.

It is essential to know the requested details about a visa application before processing it. The type of visa, how much it will cost to go to Nepal through which visa, and how long the visa will be valid tomorrow. Make sure you know and understand every one of the principles underpinning the strategy. So let’s get the complete information about the Nepal visa From Bangladesh.


Contact for Nepal Visa Processing


Office Address: 1/1, Shukrabad, Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1207
(Beside New Model Degree College / Opposite of Metro Shopping Mall)


Types of Nepal Visa from Bangladesh

There are 4 types of visas for traveling from Bangladesh to Nepal. However, from these, you can complete the trip by looking for anyone according to your needs. So before applying for a visa to Nepal, let’s learn about these 4 types of visas.


  • Nepal Tourist Visa
  • Nepal Work Visa
  • Nepal Study Visa
  • Nepal Business Visa


Nepal Tourist Visa: The most popular visa for Bangladeshi travelers is the Tourist Visa. This is the main choice for those who want to apply for a visa from Bangladesh to Nepal just for the purpose of travel.

Nepal Work Visa: Every year many people travel from Bangladesh to Nepal for various work purposes. However, if you also want to visit for a job, then you must apply for a Nepal Work Visa. Without it, you will never get Nepal permission for work.

Nepal Study Visa: For those who are students, there is a Study Visa in Nepal. Every year, students travel to Nepal to pursue higher education. And this is why the introduction of the Nepal study visa has started. By collecting which students are able to study Nepal easily.

Nepal Business Visa: From the name Business Visa, you know who it is for. Nepal Business Visa is definitely for the homeless. Those who travel to Nepal every few days due to unavoidable reasons.


What Documents are Required to Get a Nepal Visa from Bangladesh?

You need to know the required documents before applying for Nepal Visa from Bangladesh. Because in most cases the applicants are uncertain about this. However, the details are given below so that you can easily know this relationship. This will allow you to learn about almost every document you need.

  • Expired Passport: It is advisable to have a valid passport with at least 30 more days left till the expiry of its due date. In addition, there should be at least two unused/blank pages of the passport book.
  • Visa Application Form: Must have a duly filled visa application form signed with a date.
  • Photo Specification: Must have image size 35mm x 45mm. Those pictures should be taken within 6 months.
  • Health Assessment: You must take a testimonial from a recognized medical center in Nepal through your health assessment. Whether the coroner has been vaccinated or not, a copy must be submitted along with the application form.
  • Birth Registration Letter: Must have an original copy of the Birth Registration Letter.
  • Police Clearance: An original copy of the Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Accommodation Details: Once you are sure where you will travel, you must show the details of the accommodation.
  • Identity Documents: It is important to have the main copy and photocopy of the voter ID card in Bangladesh.


How to Apply for a Nepal Visa from Bangladesh?


How to Apply for a Nepal Visa from Bangladesh


  • Step 1: Visa Selection – First you have to select the visa, that is, the visa through which you will travel to Nepal will be the first choice.
  • Step 2: Provide all necessary information – All necessary information must be enclosed with the Nepal visa application form. Always provide all legal documents.
  • Step 3: Start your Nepal visa application – You can start the right application for a Nepal visa online. To apply for a visa online, you must first download the visa application form. And at the same time, the downloaded form has to be filled with all the correct information.
  • Step 4: Record your interview – Be sure to properly record the interview applicable to you for Nepal Visa. Go to the visa office and participate in your interview.
  • Step 5: Make Payment – For the visa through which you are completing the application, the amount of payment prescribed for it has to be paid properly. And don’t forget to collect the receipt for the payment along with it. Because this receipt may be required later.
  • Step 6: Collect Nepal Visa Passport – Collect the passport at the last stage. Find out the exact date of your flight to Nepal.


Nepal Visa Application Center from Bangladesh

At this stage of today’s article, we would like to inform you about all the information related to the application center for making Nepal visa from Bangladesh.


Nepal Visa Application Center –

Address: United Nations, Road No-02, Baridhara Diplomatic Enclave, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.
Telephone number – +88 -02 -989 25 68
Fax number – +88 -02 -883 25 90
Email Address- [email protected] [email protected]
Website address –
Visa Office Schedule – Sunday Bar to Thursday Bar (9:00 am to 4:00 pm).

The following is a short list of services offered at the Nepal Visa Office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. E.g.

  1. Passport application process.
  2. Visa application process
  3. Rise of specific document notes.
  4. Document validation.
  5. Emergency travel.
  6. Provide documents.
  7. Certification of documents.

Head of Mission – Mr Kumar Roy,

Charge Affairs General Visa Type Citizens of eligible countries can travel to Nepal without a visa.

The following are the most common types of visa services offered by the Nepal Visa Office:

  1. Diplomatic visa
  2. Official visa
  3. Tourist visa
  4. Study visa
  5. non-tourist visa
  6. Business visa
  7. Non-resident Nepali visa
  8. Resident visa
  9. Transit visa

Address: 1st Floor, Homestead Gulshan Link Tower, Gulshan Badda Link Road, Dhaka – 12 12
Office Hours: Monday to Friday (9:00 am to 5:30 pm)
Email Address – [email protected]


Nepal Visa Fee from Bangladesh

Above you know about visa applications and documents in Nepal. So now I want to know about Nepal Visa Fee from Bangladesh. If you plan to apply for a Nepal visa through us then this information will definitely make it easier. In addition, you will get contact numbers to know any of your facts with us. So let’s find out the cost of a visa through a table.


Contact for Nepal Visa Processing


Office Address: 1/1, Shukrabad, Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1207
(Beside New Model Degree College / Opposite of Metro Shopping Mall)


Visa TypeVisa Fee
Single Entry2900 TK
Multiple Entry4200 TK


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Important FAQ about Nepal Visa from Bangladesh

How long is the processing time for Nepal Visa from Bangladesh?

Nepal visa takes 10 to 15 working days to complete the process. You can contact the appropriate authority if you do not get the visa you want.

Can I travel from Bangladesh to Nepal now?

Nepal’s state of emergency remains open until May 19, 2020, for individuals with relevant vaccinations. If you catch the coronavirus in Nepal, you can complete a test to side with the authorities. The British authorities also recommend it.

Can I apply for a Nepalese visa online?

Within 15 days following your arrival in Nepal, you can apply for a Tourist Visit Visa online with internet access for 15 days. You must upload your passport photo and pay a nominal fee for the Tourist Visit Visa application to be submitted.

Can the citizens of Bangladesh go and work in Nepal?

A Bangladeshi citizen wanting to work in Nepal must be able to obtain a work permit from the Department of Labor (D o L). In addition, the Department of Immigration (D oI M) has the authority to grant non-tourist visas on the basis of a work permit.

How can I get a Labor visa in Nepal?

Using the Online Core Labor Portal on the Department of Labor website, job seekers can fill out the Employment Authorization Re-Totaling FORM online to apply for a re-activation of their resolution employ permit.

Is the Nepal border open now?

The Government of Nepal instructed the Indian government in January 2020 to permanently reopen the Nepalese border contradicted the previous March.


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We hope you understand everything about the Nepal visa from Bangladesh from the full description above. However, if you want to know more details about your desired visa now, you can contact us. This will allow you to know the necessary information as well as apply for a Nepal visa very easily. If the whole thing has made it easy for you, make sure you share it with your friends now.

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