Vietnam Visa for Bangladeshi | Fee, Agent, Requirement 2023

Vietnam Visa for Bangladeshi Fee, Agent, Requirements

Vietnam Visa for Bangladeshi: As a citizen of Bangladesh, have you ever desired to see Vietnam’s stunning landscapes and diverse culture? If so, when planning your vacation, securing a visa for Vietnam should be one of your top considerations.

Navigating the visa application procedure can be intimidating, so do not worry! This thorough guide will guide you through all the steps in obtaining a Vietnam visa from Bangladesh, including the use of agents, fees, and prerequisites to guarantee a simple process.

Bangladeshi nationals must comprehend the prerequisites for obtaining a visa to Vietnam and submit all required paperwork accurately and on time to prevent delays in the visa application process. Additionally, as the visa criteria are subject to change without prior notice, people should stay informed of any modifications.

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Basic Information for Vietnam Visa for Bangladeshi

Basic Information for Vietnam Visa for Bangladeshi
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Knowing what kind of visa you require for admission is crucial to arranging a trip to Vietnam from Bangladesh. Depending on your visit’s goals and duration in Vietnam, there are some possibilities.

Bangladeshi nationals can apply for an e-visa online for quick trips (up to 30 days) or get a visa when they arrive at one of Vietnam’s international airports. The application process for an electronic visa can take up to three working days, but the visa-on-arrival option needs prior authorization from a travel company or tour operator.

Bangladeshi nationals must apply for a typical tourist or business visa through the Vietnamese embassy in Dhaka for more extended visits and other purposes like business or studies. Additional paperwork, such as invitation letters and evidence of financial assistance, may be needed for certain visas.

Before applying, it’s crucial to thoroughly examine which kind of visa will work best for your travel itinerary. If the proper visa isn’t obtained, entering Vietnam may be refused when you arrive.

Vietnam Visa Type for Bangladeshi Citizens

Depending on the intended purpose of travel and intended duration of stay, Vietnam offers some visa options to nationals of Bangladesh. 

Here are some of the most typical:

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Business Visa
  3. Family Visitor Visa

The following choices are commonly available for Bangladeshi nationals seeking various Vietnam visa types:

Tourist Visa

 This visa category is appropriate for Bangladeshi nationals traveling to Vietnam for leisure. Alternate uses include attending conferences and meetings, making business plans, and researching investment prospects. As of June 2018, Bangladeshi nationals can only stay for 25 days. Be aware of any changes to visa regulations that may impact Bangladeshi nationals. 

Business Visa

Bangladeshi passport holders with sponsorship from a Vietnamese company or a Visa Approval Letter can apply for a business visa to Vietnam. Depending on the form of sponsorship, the visa length can be anything from one month to one year. However, most candidates are frequently qualified for a 1-month business visa.

Family Visitor Visa

If a person from Bangladesh has relatives residing in Vietnam and wants to visit them, they may apply for a family visitor visa. They can visit their family in Vietnam with the help of this visa. The applicant must present evidence of the relationship, such as a marriage license or birth certificate, to be granted this visa form. A sponsor with a temporary residence card or Vietnamese passport is also needed.

It’s crucial to remember that based on the exact visa type and the applicable immigration laws, visa requirements, documentation, processing times, and fees may change. For accurate and current information, Bangladeshi nationals applying for Vietnam visas are advised to visit the Vietnam Immigration Department’s official website or contact a reputable visa provider.

Vietnam Visa Requirements from Bangladesh

You will need to fill out an application form for the particular sort of visa you are seeking for. The form is typically available at the Vietnam embassy or consulate, though if you’re asking for a visa on arrival, you might be able to do it online.

The following specifications and materials are often needed when applying for a Vietnam visa for Bangladeshi:


You must have a passport that is currently valid and has at least eight months left on it after your scheduled departure date from Vietnam. The passport must have at least one blank page for the visa stamp. Ensure that the copy is clear and includes all the relevant pages.

Passport Size Photo Scan Copy

Two current passport-sized pictures are required. The images should be the correct size, background color, and appearance for the visa application.

Visa Approval Letter

Obtaining a Visa Approval Letter, provided by the Vietnam Immigration Department, is required if you’re asking for a visa on arrival. A travel company or visa service in Vietnam will typically arrange for this letter. This letter must be present before leaving for Vietnam.

Letter of Sponsorship or Invitation (if applicable)

You might need to submit a letter of sponsorship or invitation, depending on the type of visa. For instance, you could require a letter from a Vietnamese company sponsoring your visit if you ask for a business visa.

Verification of Accommodation

If you are staying with friends or family, a letter of invitation from your hosts may be required to verify your lodging during your visit to Vietnam.

Flight Itinerary

A copy of your flight itinerary with your scheduled entry and leave dates from Vietnam may be required.

Financial Documents

You must prove you have the money necessary to cover your stay in Vietnam. This can be evidenced by bank or credit card statements and a letter from your employer outlining your financial situation.

Last 6 Months’ Bank Statement and Bank Solvency

Include the last six months’ bank statements and a copy of your bank’s solvency certificate. A minimum balance of 1 lakh taka should be visible on your account on the bank statement.

Previous Copies of a Visa

Include scanned copies of any previous visas you may have gotten for travel to Vietnam.

Visiting card and NOC/Trade Licence

Give a copy of your trade license or a No Objection Certificate (NOC). An English translation and notarization are required if the trade license is not English. Additionally, include a scanned copy of your business card.

Additional Documents

Additional paperwork may be needed, depending on your visa type and the reason for your trip. For instance, you could be required to submit documentation establishing the familial relationship if you’re applying for a family visitor visa.

It’s important to keep in mind that the requirements may alter depending on the type of visa and the applicable immigration rules. For the most precise and recent information regarding the necessary documents for your particular visa application, it is advised to verify with the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Bangladesh or consult a reliable visa service.

Vietnam Tourist Visa Processing Time from Bangladesh

A Vietnamese visa typically takes 7 to 10 business days to process from Bangladesh. The length of time it takes to process your application can vary depending on the type of visa you have, the embassy or consulate where you submit it, and the amount of work the immigration authorities are currently dealing with.

Applying for your Vietnam visa well in advance is advised to give yourself enough time for processing and prevent potential delays. It’s also advised to plan and submit your application early because the processing period may be extended during busy travel or holidays.

It is preferable to contact a professional visa firm or the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Bangladesh for the most precise and recent information regarding the processing time. They can give you exact information about the anticipated time for processing your visa application.

Vietnam Tourist Visa Fee from Bangladesh

Visa TypeFee
Toursit VisaBDT 8,800

The costs and processing times must be understood while applying for a Vietnam visa from Bangladesh. The type of visa you select and how quickly you need it processed will affect the cost of your visa.

The price of a Vietnam visa varies according to the visa’s category and length. There are primarily two types of visas available to inhabitants of Bangladesh: e-visas and embassy/consulate visas. While the embassy or consulate visa must be obtained in person at the closest Vietnamese embassy or consulate, the e-visa can be requested online.

A single-entry electronic visa costs $25, while multiple entries cost $50. On the other hand, the cost of an embassy or consulate visa is typically more significant and can range from $80 to $200, depending on the number of entries and processing time. Vietnam Sticker visa from Bangladesh BDT 17,000.

Authorized third-party organizations may charge extra fees for quicker processing timeframes or help with the application procedure.

It’s important to keep in mind that these prices could change at any time without prior notice. Applicants must contact official sources to ensure they are properly informed of the most recent expenses before applying.

Comparatively speaking, obtaining a visa for Vietnam is more affordable than in other Southeast Asian nations. When going abroad, it’s best to prepare and set aside money for that trip.

Apply for a Vietnam Tourist Visa from Bangladesh through a Travel Agency

A Vietnam visa is easy to obtain and can be applied online or through an embassy. Depending on the length and purpose of your visit, the first step is to decide the type of visa needed. 

You must gather all relevant paperwork for the application once you have decided on the type of visa. These typically consist of a valid passport for at least six months, a filled-out application form, passport-sized photos, and any additional supporting documentation, like a ticket for a trip or a hotel reservation.

Once you have gathered all the required paperwork, you can apply online through the Vietnam Immigration Department website or in person at the Vietnamese embassy or consulate that is most convenient for you. Applying for a visa online involves completing an electronic form and paying the price with a credit card.

Alternatively, if applying in person, present the necessary paperwork and the appropriate visa fee, which varies according to the type of visa requested.

After you submit your application, processing typically takes 2 to 5 working days, though this can change depending on demand and unavoidable circumstances. Your Vietnam visa will be sent to you through email (for an e-visa) or from the embassy or consulate where you delivered the original documents after approval.

Vietnam Tourist Visa from Bangladesh

Obtaining a Vietnam visa from Bangladesh requires the following steps, in that order:

  • Determine the Visa Type
  • Choose the right visa type from the list of possibilities based on the reason for your trip to Vietnam. Make sure you are eligible for the visa category you have chosen.
  • Collect the necessary documents

Gather the evidence you’ll need to submit a visa application. Typically, the following paperwork is needed:

  • A passport that is at least six months old
  • filled-out visa application
  • passport-sized images

An itinerary for your trip, a letter of invitation, hotel reservations, etc. may be required as supporting papers, depending on the type of visa you need.

Contact for Vietnam Tourist Visa Processing


Office Address: 1/1 Shukrabad, Ground Floor, Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1207
(Adjacent to New Model Degree College)

Applications for Visas

The two main ways to obtain a Vietnam visa from Bangladesh are as follows:


For in-person submission, go to the Vietnamese Consulate or Embassy in Bangladesh.


Use the official website of the Vietnam Immigration Department to submit an e-visa application. 

Application Submission

Use the method of your choice to send the required paperwork and your visa application. Pay the necessary visa fees, then save the receipt for your records.

Visa costs and turnaround time

The cost and length of the visa application procedure may vary depending on the type of visa and method chosen. It is advised to verify the most recent information on the websites of the Vietnam Immigration Department or the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Bangladesh.

Approval and Collection of Visas

The processing period after you submit your visa application often lasts several business days. Following approval, you can either pick up your visa from the embassy or consulate or use the guidelines for e-visa applicants.

Renewal and Extension of Visas

It’s imperative to file for a visa extension or renewal before it expires if you intend to stay in Vietnam for some time longer than is permitted by your existing visa. To get advice from a trustworthy travel agency in Bangladesh or the neighborhood immigration office, contact them.

Applying for a Vietnam visa is straightforward, but care must be taken to complete the application correctly and include all necessary supporting papers to avoid avoidable processing time delays. For more information, call 01713-289175.

Consultancy Service for Vietnam Visa

For some reason, using a consulting service like goFLY Limited can be beneficial. First, their experts may offer assistance with the financial side of visa applications, advising candidates on the requisite sum of money to prove their ability to support themselves while in Vietnam.

Additionally, goFLY Limited professionals can help applicants prepare the appropriate paperwork for the visa application, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is included and that applicants meet the requirements. In contrast to handling every aspect of the trip by yourself, this can make the process simpler and less stressful.

GoFLY’s advisory service also includes answering any worries or queries that might come up during the visa application process and providing assistance to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Travelers can save money by using a consultancy service like goFLY, which offers precise information on fees and costs, guaranteeing that applicants have the proper information and can avoid irrational costs.

This travel agency provides a thorough consulting service to streamline the application procedure for Bangladeshi nationals seeking a tourist visa to Vietnam. They can ease the process and provide tourists peace of mind by helping with fees, paperwork, and application procedures.

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Does Bangladeshi need a visa to travel to Vietnam?

Yes, Bangladeshi tourists need visas to enter Vietnam.

How can I get a visa for tourism in Vietnam?

You can apply for a tourist visa at the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in your country, or you can obtain an e-visa or a visa upon arrival.

Visa on arrival (VOA): What is it?

You can obtain a visa on arrival in Vietnam by picking it up at the airport when you arrive.

Can I apply for a Vietnam e-visa?

Yes, a wide variety of nationalities can apply online for an e-visa before their trip.

What is the duration of a Bangladeshi citizen’s tourist visa to Vietnam?

Longer lengths are available, however, a tourist visa’s typical validity time for nationals of Bangladesh is 30 days.

If they have a layover in a Vietnamese airport, may citizens of Bangladesh enter Vietnam without a visa?

No, if they intend to leave the airport during their layover in Vietnam, citizens of Bangladesh require a transit visa.

Children from Bangladesh heading to Vietnam, do they need a visa?

Yes, all Bangladeshi children must have their visas to enter Vietnam, regardless of their age.

Can Bangladeshis who are on a tourist visa in Vietnam work there?

No, Bangladeshi nationals are not allowed to work in Vietnam in any capacity on a tourist visa.

Can nationals of Bangladesh request a visa extension more than once?

Yes, if necessary, Bangladeshi nationals may submit several visa extension requests; however, each extension is typically approved for a certain time.

Can citizens of Bangladesh go to Vietnam with a visa from another nation?

No, a visa to Vietnam must be explicitly approved for citizens of Bangladesh. A third-country visa would not be accepted for admission into Vietnam.

Can Vietnamese travel agencies process visa extensions for Bangladeshi nationals?

You can apply for a visa extension through recognized travel agents in Vietnam, thus the answer is yes. They can help with the application procedure and required paperwork.

Getting a Vietnam visa for Bangladeshi is a quick and easy process. If you have all the required paperwork and adhere to the instructions provided by the Vietnamese Embassy in Dhaka, your application shouldn’t have problems. Remember to apply for your visa well before the day you intend to travel because processing periods can differ based on the type of visa you seek.

You may ensure that your application is approved and take advantage of everything lovely Vietnam offers by paying attention to our pointers and recommendations. If you require additional support or information regarding Vietnam visas from Bangladesh, please do not hesitate to contact us at 01713-289175. We hope your journey is pleasurable!

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