Dhaka to New York Air Ticket Price & Flight Schedule 2024

Dhaka to New York Air Ticket Price

Our main goal is to inform you of the Dhaka to New York air ticket price and flight schedule. Through this post, you will be informed about all the information on the Dhaka to New York air route.

New York- the city of the Statue of Liberty is the most populous in the United States. New York has three major airports. John F. Kennedy International Airport is one of them. It is the largest one and JFK is its IATA code. Most flights from Bangladesh to New York depart from Dhaka International Airport. Considering New York’s close ties with Bangladesh, many Bangladeshi tourists visit New York.

As a result, we’ve enclosed Dhaka to New York air ticket prices, baggage information, and travel schedules. Follow this article and have a wonderful time on your trip.

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Other Information About Dhaka to New York Flight

The distance between Dhaka and New York is enormous because they are on different continents. Air routes have shortened long distances. Air travel is one of the most convenient modes of transportation available. It is secure, quick, and comfortable. So people love to travel by air now.

The distance between Dhaka and New York is 15365 kilometers, and the flight takes over 20 hours to 1 day to get there. You will find no direct flights on this route.


Aerial Distance Between Dhaka and New York15365 KM
Total Flight Per Week Between Dhaka and New York41 Flights
Popular AirlinesEmirates Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways
Shortest Travel Duration20 Hours


Dhaka to New York Flight Schedule

A timetable and ticket price will help you to understand the cost and duration of your trip before you depart. If you’re taking a plane, you’ll need to know the flight itinerary and ticket pricing before you start organizing your vacation.

Although flight schedules and ticket costs fluctuate, you should be aware of them to get a sense of what to expect. The main reasons for changing the flight schedule are environmental or technical difficulties. However, if the flight schedule changes after your booking, you will be alerted immediately.

Anyway, here’s the timetable for nonstop and one-stop flights between Dhaka and New York.


One-Stop Dhaka to New York Flight Schedule

Dhaka and New York are a long way apart. There is no direct flight between Dhaka and the New York air route. All flights are connecting or one-stop flights. The flights depart from Dhaka and make a long stop in a different country for each airline. This long time is known as a layover period. In the meantime, you can relax or go shopping at the airport. Here are some airlines’ stoppage country names and total time.

Airlines Name ViaRoad Total Time
Emirates AirlinesDubaiDAC – DXB – JFK20h 5m
Turkish AirlinesIstanbulDAC – IST – JFK22h 5m
Qatar AirwaysDohaDAC – DOH – JFK22h 20m
Saudi AirlinesRiyadhDAC – RUH – JFK1d 1h
Fly DubaiDubaiDAC – DXB – JFK1d 2h
Kuwait AirwaysKuwait CityDAC – KWI – JFK1d 4h
Oman AirSingapore, Frankfurt DAC – SIN – FRA –  JFK1d 18h


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Dhaka to New York Air Ticket Price

Airline ticket prices are a significant source of concern for passengers. This is due to the fact that airline ticket prices fluctuate regularly. Costs reduce dramatically as a result of various deals, again prices are occasionally higher than usual. As a result, everyone wants to get the best deal on a ticket.

The procedure of purchasing airline tickets has now gotten significantly simpler. It can be booked at an airline’s office or through a travel agency. You can also book from the comfort of your own home. It will be helpful if you have an estimate of the cost of an airline ticket before you begin the booking procedure. We’ve talked about flying tickets from Dhaka to New York.


GOFLY Hotline: 09639203090


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Dhaka to New York Air Ticket Price List in BDT

Airlines NameFare RulesTicket Price
Emirates AirlinesRefundable116938 BDT TK
Turkish AirlinesRefundable170104 BDT TK
Qatar AirwaysRefundable165345 BDT TK
Saudia AirlinesRefundable120506 BDT TK
Fly Dubai AirlinesRefundable151602 BDT TK
Kuwait AirwaysRefundable175598 BDT TK
Oman AirRefundable119886 BDT TK


Baggage Information Dhaka to New York Flight

Airlines make every effort to ensure that passengers’ trips are as comfortable as possible. As a result, they take into account all of the passengers’ luggage needs and offer a selection of cabin baggage and handbag options. You may bring luggage into the cabin as long as it does not risk security and does not exceed the weight and size limits. A list of the baggage allowance is following below:

Airlines NameBaggage Allowance
Emirates Airlines23 kg
Turkish Airlines23 kg
Qatar Airways 23 kg
Saudia Airlines23 kg
Fly Dubai Airlines20 kg
Kuwait Airways23 kg


Important FAQ About Dhaka to New York Air Ticket & Flight

How much does it cost to fly from Bangladesh to New York?

Flight tickets are lowest on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

What is the flight time from Bangladesh to New York?

It takes around 20 hours to reach New York from Bangladesh.

Will I be served alcohol on a trip from Dhaka to New York?

Basically, airlines serve a limited amount of alcohol to their passengers but beverage is also available.

What is the best place to look for the cheapest airline tickets?

You can contact gofly.bd.com to find out the cheapest airline ticket for New York from Dhaka.

Is food offered on the journey from Dhaka to New York?

Yes, all airlines offer meals on the flight for passengers.

How many flights a week from Dhaka to New York?

Nearly 41 flights fly weekly from Dhaka to New York.

Can I bring food on the journey from Dhaka to New York?

Yes, You can bring food on the flight but it must be packed properly.


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Therefore, we hope you will receive your answer regarding Dhaka to New York air ticket price and flight schedule. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if there is any confusion.

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