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Turkey Visa from Bangladesh

Turkey Visa from Bangladesh

Complete Guide To Apply Turkey Visa From Bangladesh: Turkey is a stunning nation that sits on the dividing line between Southeast Europe and Western Asia. If you know what to do, obtaining a visa for Turkey from Bangladesh ? is not particularly difficult. This post contains all the information you require to obtain a Turkey tourist visa from Bangladesh. 

It is one of the top 10 tourist destinations on the planet. The nation is home to several natural wonders. It is also among the safest travel locations in Europe. It has become much more alluring with the recent currency devaluation. Although travelers should know about Mideast tensions, it is still a fantastic value.

In this blog article, we will now give you essential details on the procedure for obtaining a Turkey visa from Bangladesh, including more information on approved agencies, visa costs, and prerequisites. Let’s start now!

Callback Request


Contact for Turkey Tourist Visa Processing


Office Address: 1/1 Shukrabad, Ground Floor, Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1207
(Adjacent to New Model Degree College)

Basic Information for Turkey Visa from Bangladesh

Basic Information for Turkey Visa from Bangladesh

NameEmbassy of Turkey
Address6, Madani Avenue, Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Telephone+ 880 960 480 0100
Fax+880 9604800139
Office HoursSunday to Thursday (09: 00 AM – 01: 00 PM) and (02: 00 PM – 06: 00 PM)
Email[email protected]

Getting a visa should be your top priority if you are a citizen of Bangladesh and intend to travel to Turkey. If you have all the required paperwork, getting a visa for Turkey from Bangladesh is a very straightforward process.

The first step is to apply for a visa online by filling out the form and uploading the necessary documentation. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email with a link to your e-visa, which you may print off and use to enter Turkey.

It is crucial to remember that you should apply for your visa well in advance of your trip to guarantee that it will be approved in time. Once you obtain your visa, you must show it at the Turkish immigration checkpoint in order to enter the country. Before departing, make sure to verify that your visa is still in effect because it must be.

A valid passport with at least six months of remaining validity is also required, as well as two blank pages for entry and exit stamps. You should also have a return ticket, evidence of lodging, and enough money to pay for your stay.

Finally, educate yourself about Turkish customs and legislation before your trip. If you want to stay out of trouble while you’re there, make sure you abide by all the rules and regulations. You shouldn’t experience any trouble obtaining a visa from Bangladesh to Turkey if you have the necessary paperwork and information prepared.

Make sure you have all the required paperwork, including a current passport, return ticket, proof of lodging, and enough money to cover your stay, before setting off on your vacation.

Turkey Visa Type for Bangladeshi Citizens

You must first decide what kind of visa you will need for a Turkey visa before determining what type of visa you will receive. At the outset of this piece, we’ll let you know what kinds of Turkey visas you can get from Bangladesh so you can pick the one that’s best for you.

  • Turkey Tourist Visa
  • Turkey Employment Visa
  • Turkey Education Visa

Here is a quick description of each type of visa:

Turkey Tourist Visa

Holders of this visa may visit Turkey for leisure travel, including sightseeing, visiting friends and family, and other non-business-related activities.

  • Processing Time: 15 working days on average (assuming all documentation is accurate).
  • Duration: Visitors may stay in Turkey for between 60 and 180 days, depending on their visa.

Turkey Employment Visa

Those who have received a job offer or work opportunity in Turkey are eligible for this visa. It enables people to live and work lawfully in the nation for a predetermined time.

  • Processing Time: Between 25 and 30 days (after the application has been treated relatively).
  • Duration: This visa has a one- to two-year validity period. Professionals who wish to remain in Turkey for an extended time legally may renew this visa.

Turkey Education Visa

Students intending to study in Turkey at a university, college, or other educational institution are eligible for this visa. It enables them to live in Turkey while pursuing their education.

  • Processing Time: Depending on if all the paperwork is accurate, 3 to 15 days.
  • Duration: The average legal stay in Turkey for students is up to one year. Students may occasionally be permitted to remain till they complete their higher studies.

It’s critical to thoroughly consider your travel objectives and select the corresponding visa category when requesting a Turkish visa. Specific conditions and documentation must be met during the application procedure for each type of visa.

It is advised to consult the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website or contact the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in Bangladesh if you want precise and current information on the particular requirements for each visa class.

It’s important to note that visa laws and procedures might alter over time, so for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding Turkish visas for citizens of Bangladesh, please refer to the official sources indicated above.

Turkey Tourist Visa Requirements/Documents from Bangladesh

Apply for a Turkey Visa from Bangladesh

It is vital to check the official website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or contact the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in Bangladesh for the most precise and recent information regarding the specific requirements and papers needed for a Turkey tourist visa from Bangladesh.

However, the following are some common requirements and documents for a Turkey tourist visa application:


A current passport that is at least six months valid beyond the planned length of stay in Turkey. At least two blank pages in the passport must be available for stamping visas.

Visa Form

Complete the form completely and truthfully. Online or at the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in Bangladesh, this form is typically accessible.


Current passport-size photos adhere to the rules regarding size, background color, and appearance. 5 cm x 6 cm photos that were taken recently are required.

Please submit a copy of your itinerary, which should include your entry and departure dates from Turkey, as well as your confirmed round-trip tickets.

Information Regarding a Hotel Reservation or Somewhere to Stay

A letter of invitation from your host is required if you are staying with friends or relatives. If you are staying at a hotel or any other type of accommodation in Turkey, you must also present evidence of your reservations.

Travel Medical Insurance

Get coverage for travel-related medical expenses over the course of your visit to Turkey. Medical costs, emergency medical transportation, and repatriation of remains should all be covered by insurance.

Financial Documentation

Prove you have the funds to cover your expenses for your entire stay in Turkey. Examples of this kind of proof of financial capability include bank statements, documents proving jobs and income, and others.

History of Travel

Include copies of any previous visas and entry/exit stamps for your international trips.

Purpose of Visit

Clearly describe why you are visiting Turkey, whether it is for vacation, sightseeing, seeing friends or family, or attending an event. Depending on your particular trip objective, you might need to submit extra documentation.

It’s crucial to remember that the Turkish Embassy or Consulate retains the right to seek extra documents or information during the visa application process if they feel it essential. It is essential to carefully study the qualifications and follow the instructions provided by the Embassy or Consulate in order to ensure a successful visa application.

Turkey Tourist Visa Processing Time from Bangladesh

Many variables, including the volume of applications, unique circumstances, and the workload of the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in Bangladesh, might affect the processing time for a Turkey tourist visa from Bangladesh. To give yourself enough processing time, applying for a Turkish tourist visa is generally advised well before the dates you intend to go.

It is frequently said that visa applications will be handled within a given time frame, while exact processing dates can vary. The processing period for a Turkey tourist visa from Bangladesh was predicted to be roughly 72 hours or 3 working days if all the paperwork was correct as of the deadline in 2023.

It is essential to remember that processing times can alter, so it is always advised to check the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website or contact the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in Bangladesh for the most recent and accurate information.

It is advised to submit your application well in advance, carefully check and satisfy all requirements, and supply all essential supporting papers as directed by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate to ensure a smooth visa application procedure.

Turkey Tourist Visa Fee from Bangladesh

You must obtain a Turkish tourist visa if you’re a citizen of Bangladesh and intend to travel there. The cost of the access might vary depending on some variables, including how long you plan to stay and how quickly it will be processed.

The typical charge for a tourist visa to Turkey is BDT 7700 for citizens of Bangladesh. However, there will be an additional service fee when applying for an e-visa online through the official website, depending on the location of your country.

Additionally, options are available at different prices ranging if you wish to hasten the application procedure and receive your visa. It’s vital to remember that while some travel firms might provide aid with visa applications, their costs are frequently more than those demanded by the embassy or consulate.

Although applying electronically through their electronic system typically has lower prices and quicker turnaround times than alternative options like physically submitting documents or mailing them to foreign embassies/consulates!

Apply for Turkey Tourist Visa from Bangladesh through Travel Agency

You can look for reliable companies that provide visa services in Bangladesh if you’d prefer to apply for a Turkey tourist visa through a travel agency. Consider an agency’s reputation, experience, and client feedback when choosing one. It is advisable to pick a travel company with a track record of helping travelers apply for visas and offering visa services.

The Turkish Embassy or Consulate has the final say in the matter. It is essential to ensure that the necessary paperwork is correctly completed and filed per the directions given by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate.

It is usually a good idea to examine a travel agency’s credentials, see if they are affiliated with any organizations or have any accreditations, and ask about the costs and services they provide before using them. If your visa application is denied, asking about their cancellation or refund procedures is also a good idea.

Remember to use caution and vigilance when dealing with any travel company or service provider. Before making any payments or disclosing personal information, it’s crucial to confirm their legality and dependability.

Your visa application procedure can be streamlined and made simpler with the knowledge and experience of goFLY Limited. To prevent unnecessary issues and feel at ease throughout the application process, leaving your travel agency application to a respected firm is advantageous.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that utilizing a travel agent does not guarantee that your visa request will be approved.

Contact for Turkey Tourist Visa Processing


Office Address: 1/1 Shukrabad, Ground Floor, Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1207
(Adjacent to New Model Degree College)

Apply for Turkey Tourist Visa from Bangladesh through Travel Agency

When applying for a tourist visa to Turkey through a travel agency, the following procedures generally apply:

Find a Reputable Travel Agency by Doing Your Research

Do a comprehensive search to find credible travel companies that provide Turkey visa services. Think about things like their reputation, experience, and client testimonials.  Inquire about their visa services by contacting the chosen travel agency. Please give them a list of your precise requirements and enquire about the application procedure, necessary paperwork, associated costs, and any other services they provide.

Complete Paperwork

Gather all the paperwork needed to apply for a tourist visa to Turkey, including a good-standing passport, current photos, a flight schedule, hotel reservations, proof of trip insurance, and financial records. The travel agent might offer suggestions and help with creating these documents.

Submit Visa Application

Give the travel agency all the necessary paperwork, and they will apply for your visa on your behalf. They will make sure the application form is correctly filled out and that the necessary supporting materials are attached. 

The procedure of applying for a tourist visa to Turkey involves gathering the required paperwork. Here is a summary of the required documents:

Major Documents:

  • Valid Passport: Check to determine if your passport will remain valid for at least six months after the date you plan to depart Turkey in order to confirm its validity.
  • Completed visa application: Fill out the form completely and accurately. Observe the direction given by the travel agent.
  • Passport-Sized Photos: Provide passport-sized images that comply with the agency’s criteria for size, background color, and other factors.
  • Proof of Travel Schedules: Present printed copies of your hotel reservations and flight schedule as proof of your travel schedules for Turkey.
  • Financial Support: Demonstrate your ability to cover the costs of your travel. Bank statements, employment letters, sponsorship letters, or any other pertinent financial paperwork may be used to accomplish this.
  • Travel insurance: Invest in a policy that covers evacuation and unanticipated medical expenses. The agency might have particular specifications or suggest certain insurance companies.
  • Depending on your circumstances, you might need to provide additional documents:
  • Proof of Employment: Provide a letter from your employer attesting to your employment, compensation, and authorization to travel as proof of work. Alternatively, you can submit pay stubs or employment letters.
  • Ownership Documents: If you are the owner of the property, you may be required to show ownership documentation.
  • Invitation letters: You might need an invitation letter and a photo ID if you’ve been invited to Turkey by someone.

Non-Major Documents:

  • Copy of return trip reservation: Please enclose a copy of your confirmed reservation for the return flight to Turkey as proof of your desire to depart within the allotted period. 
  • Hotel reservation confirmation: Confirm your lodging arrangements, including your hotel reservation, for your trip to Turkey.
  • Contact details: Give two phone numbers that people can call to reach you during the visa application process.

Once you have gathered the required paperwork, submit it following the directions provided by the travel company. Make sure you deliver the original, current paperwork as requested.

Please be aware that the precise specifications might change depending on the travel agency and the Turkish embassy or consulate in your country. For the most authentic and current information, it is advised to speak with a reputable travel agency or visit the embassies or consulate’s official website or call 01713-289175.

Review of Your Documents

The travel agency will carefully review your application and supporting materials once you have completed all the necessary paperwork. They want to make sure everything is accurate and whole. The travel agent will direct you and offer support throughout the process if any extra information or alterations are required. Your application will be examined to see if it satisfies the requirements.

Once the travel agency determines that your application is accurate and complete, it will forward it to the Turkish embassy or consulate in Dhaka for further processing. They will submit your application to the relevant authorities.

Pay Visa Fee

To proceed with your Turkey tourist visa application, you must pay the service expenses related to the visa application. You will receive information from the travel agency regarding the payment procedure, including the total amount owing and accepted payment options. Make sure you complete the payment requirements as the travel agency has directed.

Applications Processing

The travel agency will follow up on your visa application with the Turkish Embassy or Consulate. They could help address any extra requests or inquiries from the embassy throughout the processing period. When the decision on the visa is made, the travel agency will inform you of the outcome.If your visa application is accepted, they will help you pick up your passport and other paperwork at the Turkish Embassy or Consulate.

Monitor Application Progress

You can follow the development of your visa application using the tracking number or reference code that the travel agency will give you. By doing so, you can stay current on your application’s progress and any alterations.

Biometrics Appointment (if necessary)

You might need to attend a biometrics appointment depending on your nationality and prior travel habits. The travel agency will let you know if this step is necessary and provide you with more details regarding any biometric requirements.They will guide you through the procedure and help you understand it.

Receive Your Passport and Visa

Within 72 hours or 3 working days of receiving your application, a decision must be made. The travel agency will swiftly inform you whenever they have information on the visa decision. If your visa application is approved, the travel agent will make arrangements for you to pick up your passport and visa. You might have to agree to mail the documents or pick them up in person by going to their office.

After receiving your passport and visa, it is essential to thoroughly check all the information to make sure it is accurate. If you have any inquiries or issues, contact the travel agency at 01713-289175.

Please keep in mind that any travel agency could have its own set of guidelines. At every level of the application process, you must adhere to their rules. Additionally, it is crucial that you submit real and precise supporting evidence with your visa application.

Falsifying documents could result in your application being rejected. The process of obtaining a tourist visa for Turkey from any district in Bangladesh can be made simpler by using a travel agency.

They can successfully negotiate the conditions and procedures on your behalf, leading to a quicker visa application. Wishing you luck as you apply for a tourist visa to Turkey from Bangladesh’s Dhaka!

Consultancy Service for Turkey Visa

goFLY Limited offers consulting services specifically for Turkish tourist visas for Bangladesh citizens if you are considering visiting Turkey from Bangladesh and require help with the visa application procedure. Their consulting team is committed to supporting visitors throughout the visa application process and ensuring they know all fees and requirements.

Utilizing a consultancy service like goFLY has many advantages, including its guidance on the financial portion of the visa application. They can offer advice on how much cash visitors should have on hand to fulfill the conditions of the application process. This guarantees that candidates are prepared and have the resources to support their stay in Turkey.

The agency experts will also provide visitors with the paperwork needed to submit a visa application. They have in-depth expertise and experience in this area, enabling them to advise applicants on the appropriate documentation and ensure that all necessary documents are included in the application. Travelers who use a consultant service can reduce the stress and workload associated with handling the many components of their travel plans by themselves.

The agency consultants will address any concerns arising throughout the visa application process, offering help and support to ensure a trouble-free trip. Their knowledge guarantees that those applying for a Turkey tourist visa from Bangladesh have a simple and convenient process.

Travelers can also avoid overpaying for Turkey tourist visas using a consulting service like theirs. As the consultants provide accurate advice on fees and costs, applicants can have confidence in the information they receive and avoid unnecessary expenses.

goFLY Limited provides a thorough consulting service that streamlines the process of obtaining a tourist visa for Turkey for Bangladeshi nationals. The process is facilitated and made more convenient by their aid with fees, paperwork, and application procedures, giving passengers peace of mind.

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FAQ About Turkey Tourist Visa

Does Bangladeshi need a visa to travel to Turkey?

Yes, a visa is required for most nationalities in order to go to Turkey. This includes the people of Bangladesh.

How may a Bangladeshi citizen apply for a tourist visa to Turkey?

 Applying online or at a visa application center can both get you a tourist visa for Turkey.

How long does it take to get a Turkey tourist visa from Bangladesh?

A tourist visa for Turkey can take anywhere 72 hours or 3 working days to process.

How long is a tourist visa to Turkey good for?

A tourist visa for Turkey typically has a maximum 90-day validity window within a 180-day span.

Can I extend my Turkey tourist visa?

No, Turkish tourist visas cannot be extended past their initial period of validity.

What paperwork is needed to obtain a Turkey tourist visa?

Frequently requested documents include a valid passport, a completed application form, current pictures, a travel itinerary, and hotel bookings.

Do I require a confirmed ticket for my flight in order to apply for a visa?

No, a confirmed airline ticket is not required in order to apply for a visa. However, it is advised to provide a trip schedule.

Can I obtain a tourist visa for Turkey online?

Yes, certain nations, including Bangladeshis, can apply for visas online through the Turkish government.

Is travel insurance required for a tourist visa to Turkey?

Yes, obtaining a tourist visa for Turkey requires that you have travel insurance that covers you for the duration of your stay.

How much does a tourist visa to Turkey cost from Bangladesh?

The price of a Turkey tourist visa for Bangladeshi is BDT 7700. It is advisable to get in touch with the embassy or consulate to find out the most updated costs.

Do I need a Schengen visa to enter Turkey?

No, admission to Turkey is not permitted with a Schengen visa. Bangladeshis require a unique tourist visa for Turkey.

Is there a maximum age for obtaining a tourist visa for Turkey?

No, the age requirement to obtain a tourist visa for Turkey is not fixed. All applicants must fulfill the prerequisites.

Can I get a multiple-entry tourist visa for Turkey?

No, currently multiple-entry tourist visas are closed to Bangladeshis to travel to Turkey. It is recommended to review the prerequisites for citizens of Bangladesh.

How long may a tourist stay in Turkey be valid?

With a tourist visa, you are permitted to stay in Turkey for up to 90 days out of every 180.

Can I use my tourist visa to work in Turkey?

No, a tourist visa does not allow you to work in Turkey. For employment, a work permit would be required.

Can I travel outside of Turkey with a tourist visa?

A tourist visa for Turkey often only enables entry into Turkey. You would require the relevant visas for those nations if you intended to travel there.

If I am rejected for a Turkey tourist visa, can I reapply?

If your initial application for a tourist visa to Turkey is rejected, you can apply again. It is advised to take care of any problems from the prior application.

Is a bank statement required for the visa application?

In general, a bank statement or other evidence of sufficient finances is needed to obtain a tourist visa for Turkey.

Is a letter of invitation required to obtain a tourist visa for Turkey?

For a tourist visa to Turkey, an invitation letter is not necessary, however, it may be advantageous to do so.

Can I visit Turkey while waiting for my visa to be processed?

No, you shouldn’t travel to Turkey while your visa is being processed. Before departing, you must wait for the visa to be approved.

Is a visa interview required for Turkey visa?

An interview is not normally necessary to obtain a tourist visa for Turkey. However, in some circumstances, the consulate or embassy could ask for an interview.

If I stay in Turkey past the allotted time on my tourist visa, can I get a new one?

It is not advised to overstay a tourist visa for Turkey. If you overstay your welcome, you can be subject to fines, and limitations, or have trouble getting visas in the future.

Can someone with a criminal history apply for a tourist visa to Turkey?

No. Each visa application is assessed separately. It is recommended to disclose accurate information because having a criminal past could have an impact on your visa application.

Can I switch from a tourist visa to another category while I’m in Turkey?

It is typically not permitted to switch your visa category from tourist to another one while in Turkey. It is advised to apply for the necessary visa before departing.

Can I travel to Turkey more than once when my visa is still valid?

You can enter Turkey several times if your tourist visa for Turkey allows for multiple entries as long as you don’t stay longer than is permitted.

Do I qualify for a tourist visa to Turkey if I hold two nationalities?

You can apply for a tourist visa to Turkey using the passport of the country from which you want to visit.

Is there a distinction between a sticker visa and an e-visa for Turkey?

A sticker visa is a physical visa attached to your passport, whereas an e-visa is an electronic visa issued online. Generally speaking, the requirements and validity are the same.

If I have a refugee travel document, are I still able to apply for a Turkey tourist visa?

Yes, you are able to apply for a tourist visa to Turkey using a refugee travel document. It is wise to confirm the particular criteria for your circumstance.

Can I cross the border and come back to Turkey to extend my stay?

No, the length of your visa is not extended by leaving and entering Turkey again. The time frame for your permitted stay, as stated on your visa, must be followed.

To summarize, assuming you have all the necessary paperwork and are eligible, getting a Turkish tourist visa from Bangladesh is a simple process. You can apply for it at the embassy in person or online.

From Bangladesh, obtaining a tourist visa to Turkey is not as difficult as it would seem. Working with a trustworthy travel agency that specializes in granting Turkish tourist visas will make it simple for you to get your visa and take advantage of all Turkey has to offer. Why then wait? To begin organizing your amazing vacation to Turkey, get in touch with a trustworthy travel agency right away!

We trust that this post has given you useful details about the price and procedure for acquiring a Turkish tourist visa from Bangladesh. Happy traveling!

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